Orange EV Celebrates Milestone with Delivery of 1,000th Electric Terminal Truck to Lazer Logistics

Electric terminal truck manufacturer Orange EV has achieved a significant milestone by producing its 1,000th vehicle, which has been delivered to Lazer Logistics, a yard management solution provider based in Georgia. This state-of-the-art, heavy-duty truck boasts zero emissions, offering a sustainable alternative in the transportation industry.

With the self-proclaimed title of North America’s largest outsourced yard management provider, Lazer Logistics operates a growing fleet of electric terminal trucks, also known as spotters or yard trucks, across the United States and Canada. The use of Orange EV trucks has enabled the company to not only save money for its customers but also reduce their carbon footprint. Through their extensive experience spanning over six years, Lazer Logistics has successfully harnessed the benefits of electric yard trucks in optimizing their yard operations.

Orange EV, headquartered in Kansas City, has been a key player in the market for electric terminal trucks. They have supplied more than 230 fleets with these innovative vehicles, allowing companies to conduct their yard operations seamlessly, while enjoying an impressive uptime rate of over 98%.

The milestone achievement of delivering 1,000 heavy-duty EV trucks underscores the increasing demand for sustainable transportation solutions. Kurt Neutgens, President and CTO of Orange EV, expressed his excitement about the impact they are making in electrifying the terminal truck industry. He also applauded Lazer Logistics for their shared commitment to reduce environmental impacts, enhance operator safety, and improve profitability for their end-customers.


Q: What is an electric terminal truck?
A: An electric terminal truck, also known as a spotter or yard truck, is a heavy-duty vehicle used for moving trailers and containers within the confines of a yard or terminal.

Q: How does an electric terminal truck benefit the transportation industry?
A: Electric terminal trucks offer zero emissions, resulting in a reduction of the carbon footprint and greater sustainability in the transportation sector.

Q: How many fleets has Orange EV supplied with electric yard trucks?
A: Orange EV has provided electric yard trucks to over 230 fleets to date.

Q: What is the uptime rate of Orange EV’s electric yard trucks?
A: Orange EV’s electric yard trucks have an impressive uptime rate of over 98%.

Q: How does Lazer Logistics benefit from using electric terminal trucks?
A: By utilizing electric terminal trucks, Lazer Logistics saves money and reduces its customers’ carbon footprint while optimizing their yard operations.