New Milestone Achieved: Orange EV Delivers 1,000th Electric Terminal Truck

Electric terminal truck manufacturer Orange EV has reached a major milestone, delivering its 1,000th vehicle to Lazer Logistics, a Georgia-based yard management solution provider. Lazer Logistics, known as North America’s largest outsourced provider of yard management services, spotlights their commitment to sustainability and efficiency by operating an ever-growing fleet of electric terminal trucks across the United States and Canada.

Spotters, also referred to as yard trucks, play a vital role in conducting yard operations efficiently. Orange EV has been a trusted provider of electric yard trucks for over six years, enabling over 230 fleets to reduce costs and lower their carbon emissions by utilizing vehicles that boast an impressive uptime of over 98%. The company’s dedication to sustainable transportation solutions is exemplified by the remarkable demand for their electric trucks.

President and CTO of Orange EV, Kurt Neutgens, expressed his enthusiasm for achieving this significant milestone, stating, “One thousand heavy-duty EV trucks is a testament to the growing demand for sustainable transportation solutions and the impact we can make by electrifying the terminal truck industry.” Neutgens also commended Lazer Logistics, emphasizing their shared commitment to reducing environmental impacts, prioritizing operator safety and well-being, and enhancing their end-customers’ profitability.

This achievement highlights the accelerating shift towards electric vehicles and the positive trajectory of the terminal truck industry. As more companies recognize the economic and environmental benefits of electrification, Orange EV continues to play a pivotal role in shaping a greener future for transportation.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Orange EV?

Orange EV is an electric terminal truck manufacturer based in Kansas City, specializing in heavy-duty electric vehicles that are used in yard management operations.

2. What is a yard management solution provider?

A yard management solution provider offers outsourced services to manage and optimize the movement of trailers and inventory within a yard or distribution center.

3. What are electric terminal trucks used for?

Electric terminal trucks, also known as spotters or yard trucks, are used for various tasks in the transportation industry, primarily in yard operations like trailer spotting and shuttle services.

4. How does using electric terminal trucks benefit companies?

Using electric terminal trucks brings multiple benefits, including cost savings, reduced carbon emissions, and improved operational efficiency. These trucks offer a high uptime rate, making them a reliable and sustainable choice for businesses.