Orange EV Celebrates Production of 1,000th Electric Terminal Truck

Lazer Logistics, a leading yard management provider, has recently received the 1,000th Orange EV terminal tractor, marking a significant milestone for the electric truck manufacturer. Orange EV, a pioneer in the industry, was the first to commercially deploy a heavy-duty electric truck in 2015, challenging the status quo and pushing the trucking industry towards a more sustainable future.

Over the past eight years, Orange EV has not only proven the viability of electric trucks but has also set new standards for performance, reliability, and sustainability. With 11.8 million miles and 4 million hours of operation under its belt, Orange EV has provided more than 230 fleets with turnkey, cost-saving solutions, boasting an impressive uptime of over 98%.

Lazer Logistics plans to deploy its newest Orange EV truck in Southern California, where it will join their growing fleet of electric vehicles. By integrating electric trucks into their operations, Lazer Logistics aims to meet regulatory requirements and sustainability goals while providing their customers with efficient and environmentally-friendly solutions.

The 1,000th electric terminal truck produced by Orange EV represents a paradigm shift in the industry. The truck offers increased power, efficiency, cost savings, and a significantly reduced environmental impact. With its definitively proven heavy-duty EV solution, Orange EV is transforming container and trailer handling operations, setting new benchmarks for the industry.


Q: How many electric terminal trucks has Orange EV produced?
A: Orange EV has produced 1,000 electric terminal trucks.

Q: How long has Orange EV been in operation?
A: Orange EV has been in operation for eight years.

Q: How many fleets has Orange EV provided with turnkey solutions?
A: Orange EV has provided more than 230 fleets with turnkey solutions.

Q: What is the uptime of Orange EV’s electric yard trucks?
A: Orange EV’s electric yard trucks average more than 98% uptime.

Q: Where will Lazer Logistics deploy their newest Orange EV truck?
A: Lazer Logistics will deploy their newest Orange EV truck in Southern California.

Q: What does the 1,000th electric terminal truck from Orange EV represent?
A: The 1,000th electric terminal truck from Orange EV represents a transformative change in container and trailer handling operations.