ParkEasy Allows Users to Access Shell Thailand EV Chargers

The ParkEasy app is now expanding its reach to include Thailand, allowing users to pay for EV chargers that are part of the Shell Recharge network in the country. By selecting the ‘globe’ icon in the app and choosing Thailand as the location, users can access Thai charging stations.

Once a location is chosen, users can click on the (i) icon to find out more about the charging rates for the specific charger. While there is a roaming fee included, it may be worth the convenience for users who have difficulty accessing the native Thai app due to language barriers or other challenges.

In addition to the expansion into Thailand, the article also mentions the availability of Shell Recharge’s EV charger network in Malaysia. With six locations offering chargers up to 180 kW in power, these chargers are compatible with 800V EVs such as the Porsche Taycan, Hyundai’s Ioniq 5, and Ioniq 6.

For those interested in trying out the ParkEasy app, there is a referral code provided that offers free credits upon download.

This development demonstrates the growing accessibility and convenience of EV charging networks. By expanding its coverage to other countries, ParkEasy is providing users with more options and flexibility when it comes to charging their electric vehicles.

– ParkEasy app
– Shell Recharge network

– EV chargers: these are charging stations specifically designed to provide electricity to electric vehicles, allowing them to recharge their battery.
– Roaming fee: this fee refers to the additional cost incurred when using a service outside of one’s home country or region. In this case, it pertains to the use of the ParkEasy app in Thailand while accessing the Shell Recharge network.
– Native app: this refers to a mobile application that is specifically designed and developed for a particular operating system, such as iOS or Android. In this case, the native Thai app would be the app developed for Thai users to access the Shell Recharge network.