VP Mike Pence Supports UAW Strike Over EV Concerns

Vice President Mike Pence has expressed support for the United Auto Workers (UAW) strike against major automakers, Ford, General Motors, and Stellantis. Pence believes that the UAW is rightfully pushing back against Biden administration policies aimed at promoting electric vehicles (EVs).

The UAW strike, which began on Friday, is demanding improved wages, retirement benefits, and workplace protections for its members. Pence stated that he understands the concerns of autoworkers, particularly regarding the state of the economy and rising inflation.

Pence did not comment directly on whether CEO pay in the automotive industry is unfair, a significant argument among UAW members and supporters. He did, however, highlight the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA), which includes provisions encouraging the production of EVs through tax credits and support for new manufacturing facilities.

The former vice president expressed his belief that the green agenda, fueled by taxpayer dollars, is causing anxiety among UAW members. He argues that the push towards EVs under the guise of the IRA ultimately benefits China, the largest producer of batteries for these vehicles.

Pence applauded the UAW for pushing back against these concerns and suggested that the American people stand behind the union. He attributed the strike to the perceived failure of the Biden administration’s economic policies.

The UAW has previously raised concerns about EV production being concentrated in regions with weaker union support and regulations. President Shawn Fain announced that the union will not endorse President Biden’s reelection campaign due to these concerns.

The Biden administration has expressed support for the UAW strike and encouraged automakers to return to the bargaining table with a better offer. President Biden stated that record corporate profits should be shared through improved contracts for UAW members.

– The Hill