e-Boost EV Charging System: Revolutionizing Low Carbon Energy for Ultra-Fast Charging

Pioneer Power Solutions, Inc. is making strides in the realm of electric vehicle (EV) charging with its innovative e-Boost solution. The company recently announced its partnership with MACAW Energies to provide an e-Boost EV charging solution powered by low-carbon liquefied natural gas (LNG) produced from flare gas that would otherwise be wasted. This groundbreaking technology aims to support MACAW’s mission to accelerate EV adoption through ultra high-speed charging hubs in Texas.

The e-Boost system developed by Pioneer Power will be deployed at MACAW’s pilot project in Texas, where it will enable fleet customers to charge their EVs quickly and efficiently. With power levels reaching up to 300 kW, the e-Boost system can provide a full charge for large EVs in less than an hour. Additionally, the system can simultaneously charge up to four EVs, delivering a combined power of 360 kW – exceeding the standards set by NEVI for highway EV charging requirements.

What sets the e-Boost system apart is its use of low-carbon, flare gas technology to generate clean energy for off-grid charging. MACAW utilizes its innovative liquefaction technology to convert wasted flare gas into LNG, which is then used to power the e-Boost solution. By repurposing this otherwise wasted resource, MACAW and Pioneer Power are contributing to a more sustainable energy future and reducing carbon emissions in the transportation sector.

This collaboration marks an important milestone in the journey towards a sustainable energy future. MACAW CEO Slim Hbaieb believes that the availability of centrally located EV charging hubs powered by low-carbon LNG will revolutionize the transportation industry and help fleet owners overcome current challenges with EV charging infrastructure.

Pioneer Power Solutions is proud to support MACAW’s commitment to sustainable energy and believes that its highly flexible e-Boost solution will help harness wasted resources for meaningful environmental benefits. The company expects this partnership to contribute to the acceleration of e-Boost revenue growth, projecting a quadrupling of 2023 e-Boost revenue.


Q: What is the e-Boost EV charging system?
A: The e-Boost EV charging system is an innovative solution provided by Pioneer Power Solutions that enables ultra-fast charging for electric vehicles.

Q: How does the e-Boost system work?
A: The e-Boost system utilizes low-carbon liquefied natural gas (LNG) produced from flare gas that would otherwise be wasted to generate clean energy for off-grid EV charging.

Q: What are the benefits of the e-Boost system?
A: The e-Boost system allows for quick and efficient charging of EVs, with power levels reaching up to 300 kW. It can also simultaneously charge multiple vehicles, delivering a combined power of 360 kW.

Q: How does MACAW Energies contribute to the e-Boost system?
A: MACAW Energies plays a vital role in providing the low-carbon LNG needed to power the e-Boost system. Their innovative liquefaction technology converts wasted flare gas into clean energy for EV charging.