Plans for Car Park in Isle of Man Woodland to Boost Accessibility

The Manx Wildlife Trust has proposed plans to construct a car park in Claughbane plantation in order to encourage more visitors to the Isle of Man woodland. The car park would have space for 14 cars and a bicycle park, improving access to the surrounding area. Andree Dubbeldam, a representative from the trust, stated that the development is a crucial step in creating “all ability access” to the woodland.

The Department of Environment, Food and Agriculture submitted the application for the car park on behalf of the trust, which was granted a 99-year lease to manage the plantation last year. While there would be some localized loss of biodiversity when clearing the site, Dubbeldam described the car park as modest in size. A few trees, some of which are already damaged or diseased, will need to be removed. The area contains various tree species, including ash, birch, elm, sycamore, and willow. Some groups of saplings that would not survive would also be removed or thinned.

In addition to the car park, a separate application has been made to construct an open-sided timber pavilion nearby to hold interpretive panels. The broader project in Claughbane plantation aims to plant more trees and introduce rare species to support the local wildlife. Private firms and organizations have shown significant investment in the project.

Overall, the car park and future developments in the area are expected to make it easier for people to access and appreciate the woodland, particularly those who may not typically visit such areas.