Polestar Joins Tesla as a Key Partner for Supercharger Network in China

Polestar, the emerging electric vehicle (EV) manufacturer, has announced its partnership with Tesla to gain access to the Supercharger Network in China. This collaboration marks Polestar as the second automaker in the country to join hands with Tesla for the Supercharger Network. SAIC-GM, a joint venture between SAIC Motor and General Motors, had disclosed its partnership with Tesla for Supercharger Network access earlier.

Polestar has already demonstrated its inclination towards Tesla’s charging infrastructure in the United States. In June, the company revealed its adoption of Tesla’s North American Charging standard (NACS) for their upcoming EVs from 2025 onward. Notably, Polestar is not the only automaker embracing NACS, with industry giants like Ford, GM, Toyota, and others also following suit.

While collaborating with Tesla, Polestar is simultaneously developing its own charging service system, including its dedicated chargers. The company plans to establish approximately 60 EV charging stations across China by Q1 2024. Polestar’s efforts will provide its vehicles with access to over 550,000 third-party charging piles, ensuring convenient charging options for Polestar owners.

Polestar, although not currently matching Tesla or BYD in terms of vehicle sales volume, is gaining recognition as a significant player in the EV sector. All of Polestar’s models are currently manufactured in China, and the company is continuously expanding its lineup. Recently, Polestar announced the completion of its first production Polestar 4 SUV at Geely’s factory in Hangzhou, with deliveries slated to commence by the end of this year.


Q: How is Polestar partnering with Tesla for the Supercharger Network in China?
A: Polestar has entered into an agreement with Tesla to become one of the EV maker’s partners for its Supercharger Network in China.

Q: What is Polestar’s strategy in the United States?
A: Polestar plans to utilize Tesla’s North American Charging standard (NACS) for its upcoming electric vehicles in the US.

Q: Is Polestar building its own charging service system?
A: Yes, in addition to collaborating with Tesla, Polestar is developing its own charging service system which includes dedicated chargers.

Q: How many EV charging stations does Polestar plan to build in China?
A: Polestar aims to establish around 60 of its own EV charging stations in China by Q1 2024.

Q: Where are Polestar’s models currently built?
A: Currently, all of Polestar’s models are manufactured in China.

Source: Teslarati