The Rise of EV Charging Stocks to Buy: ChargePoint, BYD, and Lithium Americas

As we enter the final quarter of the year, the stock market has experienced turbulence and worries about recession loom. However, despite this uncertainty, there are companies that have remained resilient, particularly in the electric vehicle (EV) charging industry. The lack of charging infrastructure has been a major obstacle to the widespread adoption of EVs, but with government initiatives and a growing number of EVs on the road, the need for charging stations is becoming more apparent.

One of the top EV charging stocks to consider is ChargePoint (CHPT). The company has a hardware and subscription-based model that is generating revenue and has a global presence, giving it an edge over its competitors. As the number of charging stations increases, ChargePoint’s subscription revenue will also rise. While the company has been reporting losses, its revenue increased by 39% year over year, reaching $150 million. Additionally, with Tesla’s charging network focused mainly in the U.S., ChargePoint has an advantage in broader coverage. Despite a decline in its stock price, now could be a favorable time to invest in CHPT.

Another promising EV charging stock is BYD (BYDDF), which is a significant competitor to Tesla. BYD is the second largest battery maker in the world and has a strong presence in China’s market. The company has seen a 75% year-over-year rise in retail sales and has a growing market share. With its trusted reputation in the industry and plans to expand into the premium EV market, BYD has considerable potential for long-term gains. Currently trading at $30, BYDDF is up 20% year to date.

While not a pure-play EV stock, Lithium Americas (LAC) plays a crucial role in the EV charging infrastructure. With high-quality lithium assets, the company is a key player in the lithium industry. Its Thacker Pass project has a significant post-tax valuation and is expected to commence in 2026. Lithium Americas recently discovered the world’s largest deposit of lithium, which could cement its position in the industry. The company is currently in talks with the U.S. Department of Energy for a loan of over $1 billion, which would provide funds for the mine. Although LAC’s stock has experienced a decline in the past six months, this presents an opportunity to invest in a company with long-term growth potential.

To sum up, the rise of EV charging stocks presents opportunities for investors in the face of a turbulent stock market. Companies like ChargePoint, BYD, and Lithium Americas are well positioned to benefit from the increasing demand for EV charging infrastructure. While there are risks involved, these stocks have demonstrated resilience and growth potential in an evolving industry.

– EV: Electric Vehicle
– EV Charging Stocks: Companies in the stock market that focus on providing charging infrastructure for electric vehicles

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