Qatar Launches Autonomous Vehicles Strategy for Smart and Sustainable Transit

Qatar is taking strides towards becoming a leader in smart and environmentally conscious transit systems with the launch of its Autonomous Vehicles Strategy. The strategy aims to regulate the usage of autonomous vehicles in Qatar over the next five years.

The launch of the strategy took place at the “Sustainable Transportation and Legacy for Generations” Conference and Exhibition, held at the Doha Exhibition and Convention Center. The event was attended by high-ranking officials, including the Minister of Transport, Minister of Interior, and Governor of Qatar Central Bank.

One of the key goals of the strategy is to transform 100% of the public bus system into electric buses by 2030. The Minister of Transport highlighted that the e-bus operation in Qatar has already reached 70% by the third quarter of 2023. This transition aligns with Qatar’s National Environment and Climate Change Strategy and the pillars of the Qatar National Vision 2030.

The Ministry of Transport is currently studying the standards and specifications of electric vehicles in collaboration with relevant organizations. The aim is to establish the minimum technical specifications and safety standards for electric vehicles. Additionally, a center will be established to inspect and verify the conformity of electric vehicles’ specifications and issue the necessary approval certificates.

In terms of maritime transportation, Hamad Port has undergone significant enhancements, making it a regional hub port for re-exportation and transshipping. Al Ruwais Port continues to play a key role in revitalizing regional trade exchange through the completion of its development plan, which includes deepening and enlarging its navigation channel and basin.

The aviation sector in Qatar has also seen significant advancements, particularly during the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022. Over 26,500 aircraft movements were recorded at Hamad International Airport and Doha International Airport during the sporting event. Qatar now has 175 air transportation agreements with countries worldwide, which provides the national carrier with greater opportunities to expand its network.

Overall, Qatar’s Autonomous Vehicles Strategy and its investments in sustainable transportation infrastructure demonstrate the country’s commitment to creating an integrated, connected, and environmentally-friendly transit system.

– Dar Al Sharq Press, Printing & Distribution