The Meaning of Family in the World of Racing

The 2023 racing season at Saskatchewan’s King’s Park Speedway came to a close, allowing drivers to reflect on their experiences on the track. For many of these drivers, racing is not just a hobby or a sport, but a family tradition.

One driver, Jade Maertens, shared how racing has been passed down through generations in her family. Starting with her grandfather, then her uncle, father, sister, and even her mother, racing has become an integral part of their family dynamic. Maertens expressed how this shared passion brings them together, with their family always present to cheer them on. She even had the opportunity to race against her father, which she described as an incredible experience.

For Kurtis Christenson, racing is not simply about the sport itself, but about the memories and connections it holds. After his father passed away, Christenson’s racing journey took an unexpected turn. The car his father used to race was sold and lost for many years until Jeff Fink, the president of King’s Park Speedway, located it for him. Christenson purchased the car and has been driving it for the past two years, finding solace and connection to his late father through this meaningful experience.

Christenson emphasized the sentimental value of driving his father’s former race car, expressing that his father is still present with him every day on the track. This connection is shared by Christenson’s siblings as well, who also drive the vehicle in honor of their late father.

As the racing season comes to an end, the drivers at King’s Park Speedway highlight the importance of family in their racing journey. It is not just about the thrill of speed and competition, but about the bonds and memories shared with loved ones. The upcoming “Run all your junk” race on September 23rd will mark the final event of the season.

Sources: CTV News