Rafid Automotive Solutions Launches Hybrid Vehicles and Motorcycles to Improve Traffic Safety

Rafid Automotive Solutions, a subsidiary project of Sharjah Asset Management, has introduced nine hybrid vehicles and six BMW F900XR motorcycles to its fleet. The aim is to enhance traffic safety and response times for minor traffic incidents in the Emirate of Sharjah. The launch event was attended by His Excellency Brigadier General Dr Ahmed Saeed Al Naour, Director General of Central Operations, and His Excellency Ahmed Al Mashrakh, Chief Officer of Rafid and Deputy Head of the Team.

Abdulrahman bin Kanoon Al Shamsi, Director of the Accident & RSA Department at Rafid Automotive Solutions, emphasized the company’s vision to support environmental goals and reduce carbon emissions. The use of hybrid vehicles and bicycles aligns with efforts to achieve climate neutrality in the United Arab Emirates, and specifically in the Emirate of Sharjah. These eco-friendly alternatives not only reduce carbon emissions but also decrease fuel consumption.

In addition to the environmental benefits, the introduction of motorcycles will improve accessibility for Rafid customers. By expanding their bicycle fleet, which will consist of 12 motorcycles, the average response time to minor traffic accidents will be significantly reduced. Currently, the average response time stands at 10 minutes, but with the swift and efficient mobility of bicycles, Rafid aims to further decrease this period.

Rafid Automotive Solutions offers a user-friendly app called “Rafid” which provides a wide range of services to simplify processes and empower users. The app allows users to access emergency roadside assistance services, including fuel delivery, tyre and battery replacements, and towing for breakdowns. The app also offers a booking service for car inspections at “Motorcheck” and appointment scheduling at “AutoXpress,” a comprehensive vehicle repair facility.

Overall, Rafid Automotive Solutions is committed to developing and enhancing the automotive sector in Sharjah. Through the use of innovative solutions and modern technologies, the company is dedicated to improving traffic safety and reducing carbon emissions, in line with the government’s strategic goals and initiatives.

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