Renault Unveils Retro-Inspired Electric City Car

Renault has officially announced the revival of its popular Twingo model, this time as an affordable electric city car with retro styling. The Twingo Legend concept, revealed during the company’s capital markets day, pays homage to the original generation Twingo with its two-box silhouette and semi-circular head- and tail-lights. However, the fourth-generation Twingo will feature modern updates such as a five-door body and hidden handles for the rear doors.

Renault CEO, Luca de Meo, emphasized the need for speed in developing the new Twingo, aiming to match the pace of Chinese automakers in the electric vehicle market. The company faces various challenges, including competition from Chinese automakers and the sourcing of components for EV batteries and motors. Making city cars profitable is also a significant hurdle for Renault, as many European automakers have shifted their focus to larger segments with higher profit margins.

The new Twingo is expected to have a starting price below €20,000 ($33,000), making it the entry-level offering in Renault’s EV range, with the Renault 5 set to start at €25,000 ($42,000). While the Twingo will not be the cheapest EV in the Renault family (that honor goes to the imported Dacia Spring), it is expected to appeal to urban dwellers due to its compact size and competitive pricing.

Renault has not provided detailed information about the drivetrain but claims that the new Twingo will offer best-in-class efficiency. The vehicle is set to start production in 2026 and will be manufactured at Renault’s Novo Mesto plant in Slovenia. By adopting a software-defined vehicle design philosophy, Renault aims to reduce development time, complexity, and cost.

The launch of the retro-inspired Twingo demonstrates Renault’s commitment to smaller cars for urban mobility. CEO Luca de Meo described the Twingo as a “very intelligent concept” and positioned it as a European alternative to the Japanese kei car. With its affordable price, compact size, and electric drivetrain, the new Twingo aims to attract environmentally conscious drivers seeking an efficient and stylish city car.


1. What is the price of the new Renault Twingo?

The starting price of the new Renault Twingo is expected to be below €20,000 ($33,000).

2. When will the new Twingo go into production?

The new Twingo is set to start production in 2026 at Renault’s Novo Mesto plant in Slovenia.

3. What is the driving range of the current Twingo EV?

The current Twingo EV has a claimed WLTP range of 190km.

4. Will the new Twingo use an existing EV platform?

It is currently unclear whether the new Twingo will utilize an existing EV platform or serve as the basis for something new.

5. Why did Renault choose to focus on smaller cars for urban mobility?

Renault CEO Luca de Meo believes that it is inefficient to use large, heavy cars to transport a single person in the city, hence the company’s commitment to smaller, more agile vehicles like the Twingo.