Renault Koleos Iconic Edition: A Flagship SUV at an Unbeatable Price

Renault has taken the automotive market by storm with their latest offering, the 2023 Koleos Iconic Edition AWD automatic. In a surprising move, this flagship variant of the model line not only comes with all the statutory on-road costs waived but is also offered at a discounted price. With a retail value of $49,500 plus on-road costs, the top-spec Koleos is currently being advertised on carsales for just $49,490 drive-away, providing customers with an outright saving of over $5000 in certain states.

The Iconic Edition was introduced as a limited-run special, designed to boost sales of the aging mid-size French SUV. Despite its limited availability, there are still a significant number of these special editions waiting in dealerships for the right buyer. Equipped with headline features such as Nappa leather upholstery, metallic paint, unique 19-inch ‘Initiale Paris’ alloy wheels, side steps, and a panoramic sunroof, the Koleos Iconic Edition offers exceptional value for money.

In a competitive market, Renault is not the only brand offering great value. The 2023 Isuzu D-MAX X-TERRAIN 4×4 automatic has long been known as the value king in the mainstream dual-cab 4×4 ute market. Customers can currently enjoy a promotional drive-away price of $64,990, saving nearly $10,000 compared to the list price of $67,500 plus on-road costs. This impressive package also includes standard accessories like the Mountain Top roller cover and integrated sports bars.

However, it’s worth mentioning that MG, the Chinese brand, is making waves in the industry with its sharp pricing and a leading seven-year/unlimited-kilometer warranty. The 2023 MG3 Excite automatic, the top-spec variant of the evergreen light hatch, retails for an attractive $20,900 drive-away. This price tag includes desirable features such as sat-nav, a reversing camera, Bluetooth, and a six-speaker sound system.

In conclusion, the 2023 Renault Koleos Iconic Edition AWD automatic presents an incredible opportunity for SUV enthusiasts to own a flagship vehicle at an unbeatable price. Renault, Isuzu, and MG are all delivering exceptional value for money with their latest models, making the automotive market more competitive than ever before. Customers can now enjoy luxury features, outstanding performance, and substantial savings without compromising on quality.

Renault Koleos Iconic Edition AWD automatic: The 2023 flagship variant of Renault’s Koleos SUV model line. It is currently being offered at a discounted price with all on-road costs waived.

AWD: Refers to all-wheel drive, a system in which power is distributed to all four wheels of a vehicle for improved traction and performance.

Statutory on-road costs: The expenses associated with registering a vehicle, such as taxes, license fees, and insurance.

Carsales: An online marketplace for buying and selling vehicles in Australia.

Nappa leather upholstery: High-quality leather used to upholster the seats and interior of a vehicle.

Panoramic sunroof: A large, often glass, sunroof that provides a wide view of the sky.

Isuzu D-MAX X-TERRAIN 4×4 automatic: The 2023 Isuzu D-MAX model with four-wheel drive and an automatic transmission. It is known for offering great value in the dual-cab 4×4 ute market.

Mg3 Excite automatic: The top-spec variant of the 2023 MG3 light hatch model with an automatic transmission. It is known for its affordable price and attractive features.

MG: A Chinese automotive brand that is gaining popularity in the industry with its competitive pricing and generous warranty.

Drive-away price: The total cost a customer pays to purchase a vehicle, including all taxes, fees, and charges.

Unlimited-kilometer warranty: A type of warranty that covers repairs and replacements for an unlimited number of kilometers driven within a specified time period.

Sat-nav: Short for satellite navigation, a system that uses GPS technology to provide directions and navigation assistance.

Reversing camera: A camera mounted on the rear of a vehicle that helps the driver see obstacles and aids in backing up.

Bluetooth: A wireless technology that allows devices to connect and communicate without the need for cables or wires.

Six-speaker sound system: A car audio system that includes six speakers for optimal sound quality.

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