Renault Twingo Returns to its Roots: A Retro-Inspired Electric City Car

Renault is set to revive the iconic Twingo nameplate with the upcoming fourth-generation model. Taking a nostalgic look back at its heritage, the new Twingo will combine a heritage-laced design with an electric drivetrain, all at an affordable price point.

While paying homage to the original Twingo that debuted at the Paris auto show in 1992, the concept version of the new model features modern updates. The LED headlights, reminiscent of the original model, have been given a futuristic touch. The hood vents have also been transformed into a display, showcasing the battery’s charge level. The longer wheelbase of the new Twingo accommodates four doors and a battery, providing ample space for city driving.

The exterior design of the fourth-generation Twingo combines elements from different iterations of the model. The overall shape is reminiscent of the second-generation Twingo, with a kink near the middle. The lights draw inspiration from the first-generation model, and the window design is reminiscent of ski goggles. Additionally, the alloy wheels resemble the hubcaps found on early examples of the original Twingo, completing the retro-inspired look.

Renault’s focus has primarily been on the exterior design, leaving details about the interior and powertrain specifications scarce. However, it has been confirmed that the production model, like the concept, will be fully electric. With a target base price of under €20,000 (approximately $21,700), the fourth-generation Twingo aims to offer an affordable electric option. It is expected to have a smaller battery, resulting in a shorter electric range.

Interestingly, the new Twingo is being developed to compete with a growing list of inexpensive Chinese-built electric vehicles. Renault plans to reduce development time and costs in order to undercut both Chinese and Western rivals. This move aligns with the increasing demand for affordable electric cars in the market.

While it is uncertain whether the fourth-generation Twingo will be available in the United States, Renault-owned brand Alpine has plans to enter the American market in the later part of the 2020s.

Stay tuned for more details about the fourth-generation Renault Twingo as they emerge in the coming months. The model is expected to hit European showrooms in late 2025 or early 2026, offering a blend of nostalgia, affordability, and electric mobility.

FAQ – Renault Twingo

1. What is the fourth-generation Renault Twingo concept?
The fourth-generation Renault Twingo is a concept that previews the return of the iconic city car with a heritage-inspired design and an electric drivetrain.

2. How does the new Twingo pay homage to its predecessors?
The new Twingo concept features LED headlights reminiscent of the original model, an elongated wheelbase for four doors and a battery, and alloy wheels inspired by early versions of the car.

3. Will the production model be electric?
Yes, both the concept and production versions of the new Twingo are planned to be fully electric.

4. What is the expected price of the fourth-generation Twingo?
Renault aims to launch the model with a base price of under €20,000 ($21,700), making it an affordable electric option.

5. Is the new Twingo intended to compete with Chinese-built electric vehicles?
Yes, Renault is developing the fourth-generation Twingo to take on the growing market of inexpensive Chinese-built electric cars by reducing development time and costs.

6. When will the fourth-generation Renault Twingo be available?
The model is expected to arrive in European showrooms in late 2025 or early 2026.