Electric Vehicle Batteries Are More Reliable and Long-Lasting Than Expected, New Study Shows

A recent study conducted by Recurrent Motors Inc., a battery analysis company based in Seattle, has revealed that electric vehicle (EV) batteries are highly reliable and durable. The study analyzed real-world data from 15,000 EVs of different makes and models in the United States, monitoring various battery readings such as charging activity, battery level, and estimated range.

Surprisingly, the data showed that most EVs driven close to 100,000 miles retained at least 90 percent of their original battery range. This suggests that EV batteries may even outlast the vehicles themselves. Liz Najman, the researcher and marketing manager at Recurrent, expressed her surprise at the findings, stating, “I was surprised how well batteries are holding up, and how relatively infrequently batteries are being replaced.”

Notably, the study emphasized that individual vehicles may vary, and the data is continuously evolving as EV technology progresses. Currently, many of the EVs on the road in the United States are relatively new, with almost 30 percent sold within the last year and the majority being less than six years old.

The cost of replacing an EV battery can be substantial, ranging from $5,000 to $22,000. However, the study revealed that, outside of official recalls, only 1.5 percent of cars had their batteries replaced. This indicates that EV batteries are significantly more resilient than anticipated, alleviating concerns about battery replacement costs.

Recurrent Motors Inc. hopes that this promising data will alleviate consumer concerns and encourage more widespread adoption of EVs, including used vehicles. Considering that the transportation sector is the largest contributor to heat-trapping gases, the increased adoption of EVs can have a significant positive impact on reducing carbon pollution worldwide. EVs produce zero exhaust, thus cutting down on heat-trapping air pollution.

By dispelling worries about battery longevity, companies like Recurrent are playing a crucial role in promoting the transition to EVs. As Liz Najman appropriately noted, “I don’t think I’m alone in the assumption that modern EV batteries should outlast the cars themselves.”

– The Globe and Mail (source article)