New Leak Suggests Samsung Galaxy S24 to Bring Instagram Camera Shortcut

A recent leak has hinted at an exciting new feature that might be coming to the Samsung Galaxy S24 series – an Instagram Camera shortcut on the lock screen. This information comes from renowned tech enthusiast Alessandro Paluzzi, who shared a screenshot on the popular social media platform X.

Traditionally, only system apps have been allowed on the lock screen, such as music, weather, alarms, and routines. However, it seems that Samsung is looking to expand this list with the inclusion of a social media widget, specifically for Instagram. The feature is likely to be introduced with One UI 6.1, which is expected to launch alongside the Galaxy S24 lineup.

According to the leaked screenshot, users can expect to see a pop-up when they open Instagram for the first time after the update. This pop-up will prompt users to grant access to the Instagram camera. Notably, there will be a prominent button labeled “More options…” in the middle of the screen.

This new shortcut aims to streamline the Instagram experience for Samsung Galaxy S24 users. With easy access to the camera directly from the lock screen, capturing and sharing moments on the popular social media platform will be more convenient than ever before.


Q: Will the Instagram Camera shortcut be available on all Samsung devices?
A: As of now, it seems that the shortcut will be exclusive to the Samsung Galaxy S24 series, with the introduction of One UI 6.1.

Q: Can users customize the lock screen widgets?
A: While the leaked information doesn’t provide specific details about customization options, it is likely that Samsung will offer some level of customization to users.

Q: When can we expect the launch of the Galaxy S24 series?
A: The exact launch date of the Galaxy S24 series has not been announced yet. However, based on previous release patterns, it is expected to debut in early 2023.

Q: Are there any other new features expected on the Galaxy S24?
A: Apart from the rumored Instagram Camera shortcut, additional features and specifications of the Galaxy S24 series are yet to be confirmed by Samsung.