New Samsung Portable SSD T5 EVO Offers Unprecedented Storage Capacity and Enhanced Durability

Samsung has unveiled its latest innovation in portable storage with the introduction of the T5 EVO. This groundbreaking device boasts an impressive storage capacity of 8 TB, making it the first of its kind in the market. Combining cutting-edge technology with reliable durability, the T5 EVO is set to revolutionize the way we store and access data on the go.

The T5 EVO harnesses the power of USB 3.2 Gen 1, ensuring lightning-fast data transfer speeds of up to 460 MB/s for both reading and writing. This means that users can effortlessly handle large files and enjoy seamless multimedia experiences without any interruptions or lag. With a compact design measuring just 95 mm in width, 40 mm in length, and 17 mm in thickness, and weighing a mere 102 grams, the T5 EVO easily fits into the palm of your hand, making it the perfect companion for professionals, creatives, and tech enthusiasts alike.

In addition to its exceptional storage capacity and portability, the T5 EVO is engineered to withstand external shocks. The device comes in an elegant black color, featuring a titan gray ring that not only adds a touch of style but also doubles as a convenient handle or eyelet for a strap. This simple yet functional design ensures that the T5 EVO remains secure and protected, even in the face of accidental drops from up to two meters.

Furthermore, Samsung has implemented its Dynamic Thermal Guard technology in the T5 EVO to prevent overheating, guaranteeing optimal performance and longevity. To address security concerns, the portable SSD supports AES data encryption, providing peace of mind against unauthorized access to sensitive files and personal information.

The T5 EVO is now available for purchase worldwide, offering multiple storage options to cater to individual needs. The 2 TB option is priced at $190, while the 4 TB version is available for $350. For those seeking unparalleled storage capacity, the groundbreaking 8 TB variant is offered at $650.


1. What is the storage capacity of the Samsung T5 EVO?
– The Samsung T5 EVO offers a remarkable storage capacity of 8 TB.

2. What are the reading and writing speeds of the T5 EVO?
– The T5 EVO provides lightning-fast USB 3.2 Gen 1 speeds of up to 460 MB/s for both reading and writing.

3. What are the dimensions and weight of the T5 EVO?
– The T5 EVO measures 95 mm in width, 40 mm in length, and 17 mm in thickness, weighing just 102 grams.

4. Does the T5 EVO support data encryption?
– Yes, the portable SSD supports AES data encryption to ensure the security of your files.

5. Is the T5 EVO durable?
– Yes, the T5 EVO is designed to withstand external shocks and accidental drops of up to two meters.

6. What is the pricing of the T5 EVO?
– The Samsung T5 EVO is priced at $190 for the 2 TB option, $350 for the 4 TB version, and $650 for the groundbreaking 8 TB variant.