Schiphol Airport to Build Large Electric Vehicle Charging Facility

Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam is set to build a large electric vehicle (EV) charging facility, expected to be completed by the end of 2024. The facility will feature 17,000 sqm of solar panels, generating enough electricity to meet the yearly energy consumption of approximately 1,000 households.

In addition to the solar panels, the infrastructure at Schiphol will be equipped to charge up to 300 electric cars simultaneously. This move is aimed at encouraging car rental companies to transition to electric vehicles.

Arthur Reijnhart, Director Commercial at Schiphol, expressed the airport’s commitment to promoting the use of electric cars. He stated, “If it were up to us, it would be the most normal thing in the world to drive an electric car to and from Schiphol. Together with the car rental companies, we are moving in this direction.”

The construction of this charging facility aligns with the airport’s efforts to decrease its carbon footprint and promote sustainable transportation options. By providing better facilities for car rental companies and supporting the use of EVs, Schiphol aims to contribute to a greener and more environmentally friendly transportation ecosystem.

This project showcases the airport’s dedication to addressing climate change and promoting renewable energy solutions. By integrating solar panels and charging infrastructure, Schiphol is taking significant steps towards becoming a more sustainable airport.

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