Flash Floods Cause Chaos and Damage in Wiltshire

Residents in Wiltshire woke up to devastating floods after a weekend of heavy rainfall. Flash floods have closed businesses and left many residents stranded. The Link Leisure Centre’s rink in Swindon had to cut off electricity for safety reasons and is currently pumping out water. The town’s STEAM Museum has also been closed until further notice due to flooding.

The floodwater overwhelmed the plant room at the Link Centre, leading to a complete power outage. Once the electricity supply has been made safe, the water will be pumped out, and the damage will be assessed. Roads have been closed, and residents have been forced to evacuate their homes in several areas, including Swindon, Royal Wooton Bassett, Pewsey, and Ashton Keynes.

Funfair operator Gilbert Chadwick, who has witnessed many storms in his 90 years, was shocked by the extent of the damage caused by the rain. He described the floods as “frightening” and explained that the water had come up from the river, leaving sand and bricks scattered everywhere. Despite the chaos, Chadwick’s rides remained unaffected, and everyone is safe.

Carrie Woollatt, a resident of Rodbourne, woke up in the early hours of the morning to find her living room heavily flooded and destroyed. She expressed that many people in her town have been affected by the floods.

The Swindon STEAM museum, dedicated to the history of the Great Western Railway, also had to close due to the flooding. However, only certain parts of the site were affected. The museum plans to reopen the Great Western Hall for a charity auction tomorrow.

Wiltshire Council has been working diligently to clear fallen trees in Swindon and has sent crews to Pewsey. The council is urging residents to stay updated on the situation through their official social media channels.

The flash floods in Wiltshire have caused significant disruption and damage. Efforts are ongoing to mitigate the effects of the flooding and support the affected residents and businesses.

– BBC News