Skoda’s Enyaq iV: A Stylish Electric SUV Coupe with Impressive Range

Skoda has made its foray into the world of electric vehicles with the Enyaq iV, a sleek and stylish SUV coupe. Built on the same platform as its Volkswagen and Audi counterparts, the Enyaq iV offers good road manners, a practical interior, decent power, and an impressive range.

While SUV coupes may seem like an odd choice, models like the BMW X6, Citroen C4 Coupe, and Audi E-tron have shown that there is a market for this unique blend of style and practicality. Skoda’s Enyaq iV Coupe follows suit and offers a refreshing take on the traditional SUV design.

One of the standout features of the Enyaq iV Coupe is its stylish exterior. The sleek outline complements the overall aesthetic, making it a visually appealing choice. Despite being a coupe, practicality is not compromised significantly. The boot is slightly smaller, and headroom is a bit restricted, but not to a problematic extent. After all, those who choose a coupe do so for the coupe experience.

Size is one of the defining characteristics of the Enyaq iV Coupe. It is a big car, weighing around two tonnes, which is typical for electric family cars. However, its ride and handling strike a balance between comfort and stability. The ride is firm yet smooth, and the powerful electric motor delivers a surge of acceleration at any speed.

Inside the Enyaq iV Coupe, simplicity reigns supreme. The dashboard layout strikes a balance between minimalist and functional, with a few buttons and an intuitive infotainment screen. Rear seat space is generous, and the boot offers ample storage, thanks to the hatch-style boot lid.

The Enyaq range offers various options to suit different preferences and budgets. The entry-level model with a 77kWh battery and an impressive WLTP range of 353 miles starts at £46,440, offering excellent value for money. There is also an all-wheel-drive X Sportline model and a high-performance vRS version, both priced competitively compared to their rivals.

In terms of efficiency, the Enyaq iV Coupe performs admirably. With a consumption rate of four miles per kWh and a fast-charging capability of up to 135kW, it offers a practical and convenient electric driving experience.

While the Enyaq iV Coupe is a worthy contender, it may not be the most practical choice when compared to the standard Enyaq SUV. The SUV version starts at a significantly lower price and offers a touch more practicality. However, for those seeking a coupe SUV, the Enyaq iV Coupe is an attractive and worthwhile option to consider.


  • What is the starting price of the Skoda Enyaq iV Coupe?
  • The Skoda Enyaq iV Coupe starts at £46,440 for the base model.

  • Does the Enyaq iV Coupe offer all-wheel drive?
  • Yes, there is an all-wheel-drive version called the X Sportline.

  • Is the Enyaq iV Coupe efficient?
  • Yes, the Enyaq iV Coupe boasts a consumption rate of four miles per kWh and can charge at up to 135kW.

  • How does the Enyaq iV Coupe compare to its SUV counterpart?
  • The Enyaq SUV is significantly cheaper and offers slightly more practicality compared to the Enyaq iV Coupe.