Solar Airship One: A Game-Changer for Non-Stop Flight

Solar Airship One, a revolutionary aircraft developed by Euro Airship, is set to redefine non-stop flight as we know it. This whale-shaped aircraft is designed to fly continuously for 20 days without the need for fossil fuels, relying solely on solar power and hydrogen. With its expected takeoff in 2026, Euro Airship is working tirelessly to ensure that the first non-stop world tour flight using renewable energy meets its deadline.

What makes Solar Airship One so unique is its use of solar and hydrogen power. The aircraft, which boasts a length of 151 meters and a rigid airship design, features a helium expansion volume of 53,000 m3. Its entire surface will be covered in 4,800 m2 of solar film to maximize sunlight absorption. During the day, the aircraft collects the sun’s energy, while the surplus electricity is stored in fuel cells that produce hydrogen through water electrolysis at night.

Solar Airship One’s ambitious plan is to embark on a non-stop round-the-world tour from West to East, flying close to the equator. With a journey spanning over 40,000 km and an average altitude of 6,000 meters, the aircraft aims to travel across more than 25 countries, including India, China, Mexico, the USA, Mauritania, Mali, and France. The use of solar and hydrogen power will ensure a flight without noise, fossil fuel consumption, or carbon emissions.

Moreover, Euro Airship is developing technologies to make Solar Airship One an autonomous aircraft. This means that the aircraft will not require heavy infrastructure on the ground for support and stability. The company is working on implementing both a water-based system and a compressed-air-based system to maintain balance and stability during flight.

Euro Airship emphasizes that the crew of Solar Airship One will be in constant communication with schools, universities, governments, and international institutions of the countries they fly over. The aircraft will have a team of experienced pilots on board, including renowned names like Bertrand Piccard, Dorine Bourneton, Michel Tognini, and Jean-Pierre Haigneré.

Solar Airship One marks a significant step towards sustainable aviation. By utilizing the power of the sun and hydrogen, this innovative aircraft promises to revolutionize non-stop flight while minimizing environmental impact.

– Solar Power: Power obtained from the sun’s energy through the use of solar panels or other technologies.
– Hydrogen: A chemical element that, when combined with oxygen, can be used as a clean source of energy.
– Fossil Fuels: Carbon-based fuels, such as coal, oil, and natural gas, formed over millions of years from the remains of ancient plants and animals.

– Euro Airship
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