Susannah Guthrie: A Multi-Talented Journalist

Susannah Guthrie is a highly experienced journalist, with an impressive career spanning over a decade. Throughout her career, she has held various prestigious positions in the media industry, showcasing her talent and expertise.

Before making her mark as a journalist, Guthrie obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Media and Communications from the University of Melbourne. She then had the opportunity to work as an intern for Time Inc in New York City, gaining valuable experience in the field. This early exposure to the fast-paced world of journalism helped shape Guthrie’s future career.

Guthrie’s professional journey continued as she took on roles such as the digital director of Harper’s Bazaar and Elle. Her contributions to these reputable magazines undoubtedly played a crucial role in their digital success. As a senior editor at The New Daily, Guthrie demonstrated her skills in creating engaging and informative content.

In addition to her work in publishing, Guthrie has explored other avenues within the media industry. She completed a television presenting course with the National Institute of Dramatic Art, showcasing her versatility as a journalist. This experience likely added to her ability to captivate audiences in various formats.

Beyond her professional achievements, Guthrie values her personal life. She resides in Melbourne with her husband and son, making her a testament to the successful balance between work and family.

In conclusion, Susannah Guthrie is an accomplished journalist with a diverse portfolio of experience. Her education, internships, and prestigious roles have all contributed to her skillset and success in the media industry. Not only is she a talented writer, editor, and digital director, but she has also explored presenting opportunities. Guthrie’s dedication to her craft and ability to thrive in various roles make her a truly remarkable journalist.

Susannah Guthrie