Sram Introduces Eagle Powertrain: A Game-Changer in E-Bike Technology

Sram, a leading brand in bicycle technology, has entered the e-bike powertrain market with its latest innovation: the Sram Eagle Powertrain. This comprehensive system integrates the motor, drivetrain, and suspension, offering a high-performance and intelligent solution for e-bike enthusiasts.

One of the standout features of the Sram Eagle Powertrain is its smart software, which not only controls the motor but also adjusts the gearing of the drivetrain. This feature, known as Auto Shift, uses sensors to ensure that riders pedal at the optimal cadence at all times. Additionally, the Coast Shift feature allows for seamless gear shifting while coasting downhill, providing a more enjoyable riding experience.

To achieve this level of innovation, Sram partnered with German e-bike system brand Brose, known for its utility-focused e-bike systems. By leveraging Brose’s motors, Sram developed intuitive software that enables seamless integration between the motor and drivetrain.

In terms of performance, the Sram Eagle Powertrain delivers a peak torque of 90 Newton-meters and a peak power output of 680 watts. It complies with European e-bike regulations, with a nominal output of 250 watts. Compared to other leading e-bike systems, it offers higher torque at 85 Newton-meters.

The Sram Eagle Powertrain is compatible with Brose’s battery technology, including their 630 and 720 watt-hour units. Additionally, it can be paired with a 250-watt-hour range extender for longer rides. For those seeking a fully electronic setup, the Eagle Powertrain is interoperable with Sram’s AXS components that feature wireless connectivity.

Sram is set to launch the new Eagle Powertrain on premium e-bikes from top-end brands. While these bikes are expected to command a premium price, e-bike enthusiasts can look forward to the game-changing technology and performance offered by Sram’s latest innovation.


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– Definition of terms:
– E-bike: An electric bicycle equipped with a motor and battery to assist with propulsion.
– Powertrain: The components that generate and transmit power in a vehicle or machine.
– Drivetrain: The system responsible for transmitting power from the engine to the wheels in a vehicle, or the gears and mechanisms that facilitate pedaling in bicycles.
– Auto Shift: A feature in e-bike technology that automatically adjusts gears based on sensors and rider inputs.
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