New Grant Allows Age Well Senior Services to Upgrade Fleet of Vehicles

Age Well Senior Services, a nonprofit organization dedicated to improving the lives of older adults in South Orange County, has received a grant of $510,000 to replace its aging-out vehicles. The grant, secured by State Sen. Catherine Blakespear, will enable Age Well to procure six hybrid vehicles that will provide transportation to older adults for nonemergency medical services and doctor’s appointments.

The new vehicles will not only replace the gas-guzzling vehicles currently in the fleet but also pave the way for enhanced nonemergency medical transportation for seniors. With improved access to care, seniors will receive the preventative and timely medical attention they deserve. This program aligns with Age Well’s mission to support the health and wellbeing of older adults in the community.

Sen. Blakespear, who has committed to improving the lives of seniors, affordable housing, and aiding the homeless, expressed her pride in securing the grant during the check presentation at the Florence Sylvester Senior Center. She empathized with the challenges faced by seniors when it comes to transportation, particularly drawing from personal experiences with her father’s difficulties in finding reliable transportation to medical appointments.

Steve Moyer, CEO of Age Well, emphasized the significance of the new vehicles, stating that they will significantly improve nonemergency medical transportation in the region. The six hybrid vehicles boast an impressive 36 mpg, a substantial improvement compared to the current vans and buses in use.

Age Well operates on a $2.5 million yearly budget, with the $2 passenger fee covering only a small portion of transportation expenses. The organization provides an average of 2,300 trips per month and served 23,000 rides to seniors last year. With an expected 18 percent budget increase in 2024, Age Well is dedicated to meeting the growing demand for transportation services among seniors in South Orange County.


Q: How will the grant be used by Age Well Senior Services?
A: Age Well will use the grant of $510,000 to procure six hybrid vehicles to replace the older vehicles in their fleet.

Q: What kind of transportation services does Age Well provide?
A: Age Well provides door-to-door rides to doctor’s appointments, hospital visits, and other nonemergency medical services for older adults in South Orange County.

Q: How will the new vehicles benefit seniors?
A: The new vehicles will enhance nonemergency medical transportation for seniors, ensuring they have improved access to the care they need.

Q: How many trips does Age Well provide per month?
A: Age Well provides an average of 2,300 trips per month to seniors in South Orange County.

Q: How does Age Well fund its operations?
A: Age Well operates on a $2.5 million yearly budget, with funding from Orange County and corporate sponsorships to cover any shortfalls.

Q: Can anyone become an Age Well driver?
A: Age Well requires drivers to have a clean DMV record and a special license. They also provide training to ensure drivers can meet the unique needs of senior transportation.