Renault’s Revamped Twingo: A Gamechanger for Affordable Electric Cars

Renault is set to revive its beloved Twingo, and this time it’s going all-electric. The company has announced that the next Twingo, expected to hit the market in 2026, will have a starting price of less than €20,000, making it one of the most affordable electric cars in Europe. While the automaker has already revealed a concept version of the car, which is undeniably cute, the production model promises to pay homage to the original Twingo.

The compact size of the Twingo concept serves a dual purpose. Not only does it maintain the iconic features of the original, such as the smiley face and hood vents, but it also helps keep the price tag low. With a sub-€20,000 price before incentives, Renault aims to make electric mobility accessible to a wide range of customers.

One factor that contributes to the affordability of the next Twingo is the inclusion of value-added tax in its pricing. This means that customers won’t have to worry about additional costs when purchasing the car. Moreover, if government incentives continue to support electric vehicles, the Twingo could become a blueprint for mass adoption of EVs. The combination of a competitive price and Renault’s experience in producing affordable electric cars through its subsidiary, Dacia, indicates that the next Twingo has the potential to be a gamechanger in the industry.

Renault’s previous success with the Dacia Spring, an electric car priced at €20,800 with a range of 140 miles, serves as a testament to the company’s capabilities. If the next Twingo manages to surpass the Spring in terms of affordability and performance, it would be a remarkable achievement.

The announcement of the revamped Renault Twingo has sparked excitement among car enthusiasts, reminiscent of the unveiling of the New Beetle for baby boomers. As we eagerly await the 2026 release, all eyes will be on Renault to see if they can deliver on their pricing estimates. Will the next Twingo become the go-to choice for budget-conscious EV buyers? Only time will tell.


Q: What is Renault’s plan for the next Twingo?
A: Renault plans to launch an all-electric version of the Twingo with a starting price of less than €20,000 in 2026.

Q: How does Renault aim to make the next Twingo affordable?
A: Renault includes value-added tax in the pricing of the Twingo, making it more affordable for customers.

Q: Can the next Twingo potentially revolutionize the electric car market?
A: Yes, with its competitive price and Renault’s experience in producing affordable electric cars, the next Twingo has the potential to pave the way for mass adoption of EVs.

Q: Has Renault produced affordable electric cars before?
A: Renault’s subsidiary, Dacia, has already introduced the Dacia Spring, an affordable electric car with a range of 140 miles and a price tag of €20,800.

Q: When will the next Twingo be available?
A: The next Twingo is expected to go on sale in 2026.