Sublime Systems Receives ASTM Certification for Low Carbon Cement

Sublime Systems, a company founded by Yet-Ming Chiang, known for his creative genius at MIT and responsible for several innovative companies, has obtained the ASTM C1157 certification for its low carbon cement. This certification is a significant milestone for Sublime Systems, as it allows their product to meet building codes and be used in the construction industry.

The manufacturing of traditional cement, specifically Portland cement, is known to be a major contributor to global carbon emissions. This is due to the energy-intensive process of heating limestone and the subsequent release of carbon dioxide. Sublime Systems’ cement, on the other hand, offers a low-carbon alternative. The company utilizes an electrochemical process that eliminates the need for extreme heating and uses non-carbonate raw materials instead of limestone.

Obtaining the ASTM C1157 certification demonstrates that Sublime cement meets performance requirements, including strength development, durability, and low shrinkage. This certification means that Sublime cement can be utilized to produce concrete that meets or exceeds applicable building codes. By replacing traditional cement with Sublime cement, the carbon output of the global construction industry can be significantly reduced.

As Sublime CEO Leah Ellis states, “Our process is designed to avoid CO2 at every step, rather than polluting and cleaning up afterwards.” The company aims to have a swift and enduring impact on global CO2 emissions through their low carbon cement innovation.

The next steps for Sublime Systems include conducting further tests to measure the performance of their cement in concrete and commissioning their first commercial plant, which is expected to be operational in 2025. With the ASTM C1157 certification in hand, Sublime Systems is poised to have a global adoption of their low carbon cement and contribute to the construction of a more sustainable future.

– ASTM International (ASTM)