The UK Government Confirms Deadline for Sale of New Petrol and Diesel Cars

The UK Prime Minister, Rishi Sunak, has reaffirmed his commitment to a firm 2030 deadline for the sale of new petrol and diesel cars. This decision comes in response to pressure from car manufacturers who have been seeking more guidance on the transition to electric vehicles. The government is expected to announce a schedule for this transition in the coming weeks.

In addition to the 2030 deadline, ministers are also set to maintain targets for electric vehicles. This commitment was evident in the recent Mini plant Oxford deal, where ministers promised to uphold targets despite the company not making this a requirement.

While some Tory backbenchers have urged Sunak to relax net-zero plans, this decision is likely to disappoint them. Earlier this year, the Prime Minister promised to approach changes in a “proportionate and pragmatic” manner.

As the House of Lords inquiry continues to scrutinize EV charging infrastructure in the UK, the Department of Transport has emphasized that the current plans, which stipulate that 22% of new cars sold in 2024 must be electric, will remain largely unchanged.

Consumer confidence in electric vehicles and the UK charging infrastructure has been a concern for the government, particularly as they aim to have 300,000 public charge points in the country by 2030. However, the latest figures from the Department of Transport show that there are currently just over 44,000 public charge points in the UK.

The government has been engaging closely with industry to ensure a smooth transition away from petrol and diesel cars. Companies heavily invested in electric vehicle production in the UK are eager for the 2030 deadline to proceed as it provides them with certainty and a market to aim for.

Overall, the UK government’s commitment to the 2030 deadline for the sale of new petrol and diesel cars demonstrates their dedication to the transition towards cleaner transportation and reducing carbon emissions.

– The Times