The Future of Electric Vehicle Ownership in New Zealand

A recent study conducted by insights agency Hall & Partners on behalf of BMW has shed light on the future of electric vehicle (EV) ownership in New Zealand. The survey, which included over 1000 Kiwi adults with driving licenses, reveals that EVs are projected to surpass combustion-based vehicles as the preferred powertrain option by 2035.

Currently, 70% of respondents believe they will own a conventionally powered vehicle in 2025. However, only 11% anticipate owning one by 2040. This shift in perception reflects the growing popularity and acceptance of EVs among the New Zealand population.

The study also explored various aspects of EV adoption, including concerns, motivations, and preferences regarding charging options. The local charging infrastructure emerged as one of the primary reasons for wariness towards EVs, with 73% of respondents expressing concerns about range anxiety and the availability of charging stations.

Interestingly, nearly half of those who regularly drive EVs still share these concerns, despite the majority (36%) driving less than 30km per day. Additionally, price was identified as a significant barrier to adoption, with two-thirds of respondents considering EVs too expensive, regardless of the Clean Car Discount.

Despite these concerns, the survey indicated a strong inclination towards hybrid and EV vehicles for future purchases. Fifty percent of respondents stated that their next vehicle would be either a hybrid or an EV, with hybrids being slightly more favored.

As the demand for EVs continues to rise, automakers are stepping up their efforts to meet the market’s needs. Peugeot, for instance, has unveiled its next-generation 3008, which includes an electric version offering a range of up to 700km.

While price remains a concern, it is noteworthy that younger individuals (18-24) were more likely to cite a lack of knowledge about EVs as a deciding factor, unlike older demographic groups. This challenges the common assumption that younger people are more aware of technological changes.

With BMW committing to heavy electrification in the coming years and other automakers introducing a range of EV models, the landscape of New Zealand’s automotive industry is poised for a significant transformation. The projections suggest that by 2035, EVs will dominate the market, marking a fundamental shift towards sustainable transportation.

– Hall & Partners survey conducted on behalf of BMW
– Matthew Hansen/Stuff: “The future of EV ownership”