New SUV Tax Proposal Faces Opposition from Motoring Journalist

A proposal for a new SUV tax has drawn strong criticism from a prominent motoring journalist in the Midlands. The Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI) recently suggested several measures to align with the targets set by the Climate Action Plan. This includes implementing a tax on SUVs, banning new data centers, and introducing a boiler scrappage scheme. However, industry expert Bob Flavin, based in Portlaoise, dismisses the idea of an SUV tax as an additional burden on an already heavily taxed sector.

The SEAI emphasizes the urgency in meeting the ambitious goals outlined in the Climate Action Plan. They express concern over the current pace and scale of progress, suggesting that without new initiatives, these targets may remain elusive. The proposed SUV tax aims to discourage the sale and use of these vehicles due to their higher carbon emissions compared to smaller cars.

In his critique, Flavin argues that the proposed tax unfairly targets the motoring industry, which is already subject to high taxes. He believes that such a measure would be unpopular and ultimately unsuccessful in achieving its intended purpose. Flavin suggests that alternative solutions, such as incentivizing the purchase of electric or hybrid vehicles, would be more effective in reducing carbon emissions.

While the SEAI’s proposals are part of a larger effort to combat climate change and transition to greener alternatives, the opposition from experts like Flavin highlights the challenges faced in finding consensus and implementing effective solutions within the motoring industry.


Q: What does the SEAI propose in relation to SUVs?
A: The SEAI has proposed implementing a tax on SUVs to reduce their sales and usage.

Q: What is the opinion of motoring journalist Bob Flavin regarding the SUV tax proposal?
A: Bob Flavin believes that the SUV tax is an additional burden on an already heavily taxed industry.

Q: Why does the SEAI express concern over the Climate Action Plan’s targets?
A: The SEAI is concerned that without new initiatives, the ambitious targets in the Climate Action Plan may not be met.

Q: What alternative solution does Flavin suggest for reducing carbon emissions?
A: Flavin suggests incentivizing the purchase of electric or hybrid vehicles as a more effective approach.