Tesla Adds Manual Rear Door Release to Model 3 Highland

Tesla has introduced a new safety feature to the Model 3 Highland, allowing users to manually release the rear doors in the event of a power outage. The updated owner’s manuals in countries where the Highland redesign is available state that Tesla has added manual door releases located at the bottom of the rear door storage pockets. These releases can be accessed by removing a plastic cover, revealing a mechanical release cable that can be pulled to open the door.

The addition of manual rear door releases is in addition to similar latches located in the front seats. Unlike the rear releases, the front latches do not include a cover. It is speculated that the cover on the rear releases is included to prevent unintended door openings while the vehicle is in motion, particularly by children or rear passengers.

It is currently unclear if the manual rear door releases will be included in North American versions of the updated Model 3. However, they are not included in the manuals for older versions of the sedan. The updated sedan is set to begin delivery in October in some markets, and it is anticipated that the Highland Model 3 will be made available in early 2024.

This safety feature is part of a series of design changes made to the updated sedan. Tesla recently celebrated the production of its 5 millionth vehicle, a Highland Model 3 manufactured at its Gigafactory in Shanghai, China.

Source: Tesla | Model 3 Owner’s Manual, Weibo

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