Tesla Energy Ventures Seeks Authorization to Retail Electricity in Australia

On November 16, 2023, Tesla Energy Ventures Australia Pty Ltd (TEVA) made a significant move by submitting an application to the Australian Energy Regulator (AER) to become an electricity retailer in Australia. This application aims to obtain authorization under the National Energy Retail Law, a sought-after milestone for the company. The AER has accepted TEVA’s application and is currently inviting submissions from stakeholders to evaluate the proposal. Stakeholders have until Monday, December 18, 2023, to provide their input to the AER.

In its application, Tesla Energy Ventures Australia highlighted its successful record of deploying large-scale batteries worldwide. Notably, the company pointed to the Hornsdale Power Reserve and the Victorian Big Battery as examples of its expertise in providing effective grid support in Australia. These projects demonstrate Tesla’s commitment to advancing sustainable energy solutions.

TEVA has also formed several strategic partnerships in Australia, including collaborations with the CEFC, ARENA, SA Government, and Energy Locals. One of their notable initiatives involves the provision of energy retail products for public housing through a Virtual Power Plant. Through this program, customers who join the Virtual Power Plant contribute to the stability of the electricity network while also benefiting from grid services and rewards.

The TEVA application focuses on the expansion of Tesla’s energy retail offerings, including the Tesla Energy Plan (TEP). Currently, Energy Locals Pty ACN 606 408 879 facilitates the availability of Tesla’s SA VPP and TEP offerings for retail customers. However, with this application, TEVA aims to become an authorized electricity retailer itself in New South Wales, Australian Capital Territory, Queensland, Tasmania, and South Australia.

Drawing inspiration from its successful initiatives like Tesla Electric in Texas, TEVA intends to leverage the Powerwall to reduce stress on the grid in Australia. By allowing renewable energy generated from solar panels to flow through the grid, TEVA’s vision is to enable homeowners to actively contribute to grid stability while earning credits to offset their electricity bills.

For further information, you can read Tesla’s application to the AER [insert link to original document if available].


1. What is Tesla Energy Ventures Australia Pty Ltd (TEVA)?

TEVA is a newly formed company that has applied to become an electricity retailer in Australia. It aims to provide energy retail products and solutions to support grid stability and sustainability.

2. What is the National Energy Retail Law?

The National Energy Retail Law is a regulatory framework that governs the retailing of electricity in Australia. It sets out the requirements and standards for companies seeking authorization to sell electricity to consumers.

3. How can stakeholders provide input on TEVA’s application?

Stakeholders have the opportunity to submit their feedback and comments on TEVA’s application to the Australian Energy Regulator (AER). The AER is currently accepting submissions until Monday, December 18, 2023.

4. What are some of the partnerships that TEVA has formed in Australia?

TEVA has established partnerships with organizations such as the CEFC, ARENA, SA Government, and Energy Locals. These collaborations enable TEVA to provide energy retail products for public housing and advance the adoption of sustainable energy solutions.

5. How does TEVA’s initiative align with Tesla Electric in Texas?

TEVA aims to emulate the success of Tesla Electric in Texas by leveraging Tesla’s Powerwall technology to reduce stress on the electricity grid. This involves enabling homeowners to contribute renewable energy to the grid while earning credits to reduce their electricity bills.