Electric Entertainment: Tesla’s Innovative Fusion of Dining and Charging

Tesla, the revolutionary electric car company, is once again pushing boundaries with its latest endeavor. Set to transform the concept of refueling and dining, the company is constructing a unique establishment in Hollywood. This ambitious project, envisioned as early as six years ago by Tesla CEO Elon Musk and now known as “X,” combines a 1950s-style diner, a drive-in movie theater, and an extensive electric vehicle (EV) charging station.

Located at 7001 West Santa Monica Boulevard, the futuristic site will house an impressive array of 32 charging stalls, providing EV owners with ample opportunities to power up their vehicles. This marks Tesla’s initial foray into bringing together the pleasures of dining and the necessity of charging. The project, which received approval from the LA Department of Building and Safety, commenced construction in August.

The innovative design, courtesy of Stantec, features a two-story restaurant surrounded by charging stalls, complete with two movie screens and an enticing rooftop bar. Ground-level carhop-style waitstaff will accommodate patrons who place their orders in advance, enabling a seamless dining experience from the comfort of their vehicles. Previously a Shakey’s Pizza, this historic location holds great significance along the iconic Route 66.

By creating this charge-and-dine concept, Tesla has the potential to spearhead a new category in the retail industry. Other food chains have already expressed their intentions to incorporate EV chargers for their customers. While Tesla has remained tight-lipped about the project, insiders suggest that it may be completed by the end of the year, offering a remarkable experience for EV owners and enthusiasts alike.

Beyond just providing charging facilities, Tesla aims to immerse visitors in a multifaceted experience. The movie screens will showcase clips from renowned films, offering a nostalgic and captivating ambiance. Moreover, as Tesla plans to open its Superchargers to other car manufacturers in the spring, this venture promises to add an exciting dimension to the evolving landscape of EV ownership.

As news of this groundbreaking project spreads, unofficial concept images have surfaced online, generating significant interest among the public. It serves as a refreshing development amid recent controversial headlines surrounding Musk. Despite the challenges faced by “X” over the past year, this ambitious fusion of dining and charging reaffirms Tesla’s commitment to innovation and forward-thinking.


Q: When will the Tesla diner and drive-in movie theater charging station be completed?
A: While Tesla has not provided an official completion date, insiders suggest that the project may be finished by the end of the year.

Q: Will Tesla be making their Superchargers available for other car companies?
A: Yes, Tesla plans to open its Superchargers to other manufacturers in the spring.

Q: What makes the Hollywood location significant?
A: The Hollywood location holds historical significance as it is situated along Route 66 and was previously a Shakey’s Pizza establishment.

Q: How many charging stalls will be available at the Tesla location in Hollywood?
A: The site will feature 32 charging stalls, providing ample opportunities for EV owners to charge their vehicles.