Tesla Develops In-Car Software for Hertz Rental Cars

Tesla has created new in-car software specifically designed for Hertz’s expanding fleet of rental Tesla vehicles worldwide. In 2021, Hertz announced its commitment to electrifying its rental car fleet with a significant purchase of 100,000 Tesla Model 3 vehicles. Recently, they also added Model Y vehicles to their order, resulting in a growing number of Tesla vehicles in their inventory.

The rental company has found that Tesla vehicles have been positively impacting customer satisfaction. Customers appreciate the ease of use that comes with driving a Tesla. Recognizing this, Tesla saw an opportunity to improve the rental experience even further.

To simplify the rental process, Tesla started moving driver profiles to the cloud. This allows drivers to easily upload their profile information onto a new rental car. Additionally, Tesla has now developed software for Hertz rental cars in the US that enables users to scan a QR code on the vehicle’s screen. Once scanned, their phone automatically becomes the key for the duration of the rental.

Furthermore, if customers have enabled the cloud-based user profile feature, their profile will be automatically uploaded to the rental car as well.

This development showcases Tesla’s ongoing collaboration with rental companies and other industries. The company has been working on custom software to enhance the usefulness of their vehicles in specific applications like rental services and law enforcement.

In conclusion, Tesla’s new in-car software for Hertz rental cars brings added convenience and ease for renters. The partnership between Tesla and Hertz continues to support the electrification of rental fleets and the adoption of sustainable transportation solutions.

– Hertz and Tesla partnership
– Tesla’s collaboration with rental companies and law enforcement agencies