CRP Automotive Introduces Rein Coolant Hoses for Tesla Vehicles

CRP Automotive has recently launched a wide range of Rein Coolant Hoses specifically designed for popular Tesla vehicles. This new line of 29 hoses aims to meet the growing demand for cooling system components in the expanding market of Tesla vehicles, which is currently the most widely sold electric vehicle brand.

The Rein Coolant Hoses include heater hoses, radiator coolant hoses, and various other hoses that are essential for maintaining optimal temperatures for the batteries, motors, and high-voltage power electronics in Tesla vehicles. These hoses are direct replacements for original equipment (OE) hoses and come with all the necessary branches and components required for installation. They provide application coverage for over 1.5 million Tesla vehicles in the United States and Canada.

David Hirschhorn, the brand director at CRP Automotive, stated, “These Rein hoses were developed to help Tesla owners maximize their vehicle’s performance and extend its lifespan. The new line of Rein Coolant Hoses caters to popular Tesla applications, including Tesla Models 3, X, and Y from 2017 to 2023, and Model S from 2012 to 2021.”

As the market for electric vehicles continues to grow, it is crucial for the automotive industry to understand and be equipped to service them. CRP Automotive recognized this need and responded with the development of these Rein Coolant Hoses, which are specifically tailored to suit the unique requirements of Tesla vehicles.

By offering a comprehensive range of first-to-market hoses, CRP Automotive aims to provide Tesla owners with the necessary components to ensure their vehicles’ performance and longevity. With the convenience of direct replacements, owners can easily install these Rein Coolant Hoses and enjoy the benefits of optimized temperature control within their Tesla vehicles.

Source: CRP Automotive internal documents