Tesla Considers Charging for Heated Front Seats and Windshield Wipers, Software Update Reveals

In a surprising twist, the latest software update for Tesla’s Model 3 hints at the possibility of the electric automaker charging new owners for heated front seats and windshield wipers. Renowned Tesla hacker GreenTheOnly discovered this intriguing development while delving into the automaker’s software. While no official announcement has been made by Tesla, the presence of these potential changes in the software leaves room for speculation.

Tesla has a history of software-locking certain factory-installed features behind paywalls. In the past, they have charged for features like footwell lights in the Model 3 and extra battery capacity in older Model S and X vehicles. Although Tesla ceased charging for heated rear seats in 2022, it seems they may be reconsidering this decision.

The inclusion of heated front seats and windshield wipers in the software update indicates that Tesla has contemplated the idea of charging for these cold weather features. If implemented, it would mark the first time Tesla has charged for such amenities. This shift may be a strategic move by Tesla to further reduce the base price of the Model 3 while creating potential revenue streams post-purchase.

Interestingly, the software update also revealed that the Model Y may have a software-locked battery capacity for its Standard Range variant. This approach aligns with Tesla’s previous decisions to utilize software locking to maintain production consistency across different trims.

While these findings by GreenTheOnly provide insight into potential changes, it is crucial to note that no concrete details regarding pricing, applicability to used cars, or implementation timelines have been disclosed. Tesla’s history suggests that these features could eventually become free of charge, as demonstrated with the heated rear seats.

Ultimately, Tesla’s consideration of charging for heated front seats and windshield wipers reflects their ongoing exploration of different revenue models and cost-cutting measures. As the electric vehicle market evolves and consumer demands shift, automakers must adapt accordingly – and Tesla is no exception.


1. Will Tesla start charging for heated front seats and windshield wipers?

While the latest software update suggests Tesla’s contemplation of charging for these features, no official announcement has been made. It remains uncertain whether this change will be implemented.

2. Why has Tesla previously locked certain features behind paywalls?

Tesla has employed software locking as a means to reduce the base price of their vehicles while generating potential post-purchase revenue. Convenience features like heated seats have been utilized as cost-cutting measures in the past.

3. Can existing Tesla owners expect the charging model to apply retroactively?

At this time, there is no information regarding the possible retroactive application of the charging model for heated front seats and windshield wipers. The focus has been on new owners and potential future changes.