Tesla Celebrates Production of Five Millionth Electric Car

Tesla, the largest all-electric car manufacturer in the world, recently announced that it has produced its five millionth electric car. This milestone comes 20 years after the company’s establishment in 2003 and 15 years after the production of its first car, the original Roadster, in 2008.

The rate at which Tesla has reached this milestone is quite impressive. It took 12 years for the company to produce its first million cars, followed by the second million in just 18 months, the third in 11 months, and the fourth in a mere seven months. In March 2023, Tesla celebrated the production of its four millionth car, and now, just over six months later, the five millionth car has rolled off the assembly line.

The five millionth car is a Tesla Model 3 Highland in Pearl White, produced at the Tesla Giga Shanghai factory. This factory, the largest electric vehicle manufacturing site in the world, recently achieved the production of its two millionth electric car.

With its current production rate gradually approaching two million units per year, Tesla is well on its way to further expanding its presence in the automotive industry. However, to reach the production level of the largest automotive groups, such as ten million units annually, Tesla will need to continue expanding and growing at a rapid pace.

Although the Tesla Cybertruck is highly anticipated, the main focus for the company is currently on the Tesla Model Y, which is expected to remain their flagship product until the next-generation EVs are ready for launch.

With the current production rate and projected growth, it is likely that we will witness the production of the six millionth Tesla in early 2024. Tesla’s continuous innovation and dedication to electric mobility make them a leading force in the automotive industry.

Source: Tesla (Weibo account in China)

– Tesla: A company established in 2003 and known for manufacturing electric cars with a focus on sustainability and innovation.
– Electric car: A vehicle powered by an electric motor instead of an internal combustion engine, running on electricity stored in rechargeable batteries.
– EV: Electric Vehicle; a type of vehicle that uses one or more electric motors for propulsion, powered by electricity stored in batteries or obtained from an external source.]