Revolutionizing the Interior: A Sneak Peek at the Tesla Cybertruck

The highly anticipated Tesla Cybertruck is set to make its official debut later this month, but social media platforms have already given us a glimpse of its groundbreaking interior design. While the truck’s unconventional exterior has sparked mixed reactions, its interior is a familiar sight to Tesla owners worldwide.

A leaked video on Instagram and TikTok reveals a monochrome grey cabin with a modernized dash, center console, and front seats. The footage also showcases the second row and tray area, providing a comprehensive view of the interior. Breaking away from traditional door handles, the Cybertruck features a button on the pillar above each door, allowing easy access to the vehicle’s interior.

In the front row, a large central infotainment display takes center stage, providing real-time updates on the vehicle’s external status. The driver’s seat, on the other hand, lacks a conventional instrument panel and instead boasts a cutting-edge hexagonal steering wheel, a distinctive feature not seen in any previous Tesla models. The steering wheel, consistent with earlier spy shots, now sports a tasteful logo embossed on the cover.

Noteworthy changes have also been made to the center console, where a sliding cover has been replaced by an open wireless charger tray and a pair of cupholders. Moving to the rear seats, the video showcases folding seats that flip backward, creating additional storage space to accommodate the Cybertruck’s sharp roofline. Furthermore, a dedicated center display for rear passengers is housed in the center console.

As the footage continues, we catch a glimpse of the electronically operated tonneau cover, which can be effortlessly opened using a button located on the tray edge. Adjacent to the tonneau cover, the left-hand drive Cybertruck features an electric charging port cleverly integrated into the wheel arch.

While the leaked video offers an exciting sneak peek into the Cybertruck’s interior, it is essential to note that the truck’s dimensions are comparable to popular models such as the Ford F-150 and Toyota Tundra. This makes the Cybertruck a potential competitor in the Australian market, where both the Ford and Toyota trucks have a strong presence.

Tesla has announced that the first Cybertruck rolled off its Texas production line in July 2023, with deliveries scheduled to begin at the end of November. With its futuristic interior design and cutting-edge features, the Cybertruck is poised to revolutionize the pick-up truck segment, offering a unique and innovative driving experience to its owners.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. How is the Cybertruck’s interior different from previous Tesla models?
The Cybertruck features a monochrome grey cabin, a hexagonal steering wheel, and a large central infotainment display, setting it apart from earlier Tesla models.

2. How do you access the Cybertruck’s interior without door handles?
Instead of conventional door handles, there are buttons on the pillars above each door that pop them open with ease.

3. What are the changes in the center console compared to earlier shots?
The sliding cover seen in early shots has been replaced by an open wireless charger tray and a pair of cupholders.

4. Can the rear seats of the Cybertruck be folded for additional storage space?
Yes, the rear seats can be flipped backward, allowing for more storage space due to the Cybertruck’s unique roofline.

5. When will the first deliveries of the Cybertruck take place?
Tesla has announced that deliveries will begin on November 30, following the production kick-off in July 2023.