The Truth Behind Tesla Cybertruck’s “Bulletproof” Claims

Tesla’s Cybertruck has been making waves in the automotive industry with its unique design and its claim of being “bulletproof.” Elon Musk himself has described it as an “armored personnel carrier from the future.” However, upon closer examination, it seems that the truck’s bullet resistance may not be as impressive as initially promised.

During the Cybertruck’s reveal in 2019, Musk stated that it would be “literally bulletproof to a nine-millimeter handgun.” This claim was backed up by a slow-motion video showing a bullet disintegrating upon impact with a metal surface. But it turns out that this demonstration was more of a show than an accurate representation of the truck’s capabilities.

In a recent ballistic trial, a pre-production Cybertruck was subjected to a test where the entire drum magazine of a Thompson submachine gun, chambered in .45 ACP, was fired at the driver door. This is different from the 9mm Parabellum round that Musk originally claimed the Cybertruck could withstand. While .45 ACP is a powerful round, it lacks the penetration capabilities of the narrower 9mm Parabellum.

The reality is that the Cybertruck’s bulletproofing falls short of what many professionals would consider adequate protection. According to European VPAM vehicle armoring standards, the 9mm Parabellum round can be resisted by lightweight grades of protection rarely used in security vehicles. True armored vehicles, like those used by VIPs or the U.S. Presidential limo, have much higher levels of protection to withstand high-velocity rifle rounds.

In a real-world scenario where a bullet penetrates a sheet of metal, it tears through, bringing fragments of metal with it. This increases the severity of wounds and poses a significant risk to occupants. Metal jacketing can reduce fragmentation, but it does not eliminate it.

Ultimately, while the Cybertruck may offer some level of protection against stray bullets, it may not hold up against a premeditated attack or high-caliber firearms. It’s important to consider these limitations when evaluating the truck’s bulletproof claims.

Q: Is the Tesla Cybertruck truly bulletproof?
A: While Tesla claims that the Cybertruck is bulletproof, there are limitations to its protection.

Q: What rounds can the Cybertruck withstand?
A: The Cybertruck was originally claimed to be capable of withstanding a nine-millimeter handgun round, but a recent test used a .45 ACP round instead.

Q: How does the Cybertruck’s bulletproofing compare to true armored vehicles?
A: The Cybertruck falls short of the levels of protection offered by professional armored vehicles, which can withstand high-velocity rifle rounds.

Q: Are there risks associated with bullet penetration?
A: Yes, when a bullet penetrates metal, it tears through and brings fragments of metal with it, increasing the severity of wounds.

Q: Should I rely on the Cybertruck for protection against premeditated attacks?
A: The Cybertruck’s bulletproofing may not be adequate for protecting against premeditated attacks or high-caliber firearms.