Tesla Cybertruck Range: A Fortuitous Leak Sheds Light on Potential Mileage

A fortuitous leak of the Tesla Cybertruck’s new screen UI has sparked speculation about its range. While the leak was accidental, it has provided valuable information that allows us to make educated estimations about the vehicle’s capabilities.

Instead of relying on direct quotes from the leaked UI, let’s delve into the key information it has revealed. The Cybertruck’s current charge stands at 71%, with an estimated 55 minutes remaining until it reaches full capacity. Additionally, the charge limit is set at 100%. Trip information shows a usage of 16 miles, resulting in a 65% state of charge upon arrival. Notably, Tesla’s range calculations account for factors such as climate controls, which can impact overall mileage.

With these fragments of information at our disposal, let’s explore how we can calculate the Cybertruck’s potential range.

Some initial calculations were based on the assumption that driving 16 miles with a 71% charge would reduce the state of charge to 65%. However, a more comprehensive analysis suggests that the battery pack, with a charge rate of 77 kWh over 55 minutes, is approximately 220 kWh.

Considering that the Cybertruck typically achieves around 2 miles per kWh, accounting for driving conditions and additional factors like towing or climate controls usage, we can estimate a range between 400 and 440 miles (220 kWh * 2 miles per kWh).

Tesla, understandably, is not thrilled about this leaked information, leading to restrictions for those who shared it.

As more information becomes available, we will continue to update our understanding of the Cybertruck’s range.


Q: How was the Cybertruck’s range accidentally leaked?
A: The new screen UI for the Cybertruck made its way onto the internet, unintentionally revealing crucial details about the vehicle’s charge level, charging time, trip information, and charge limit.

Q: What information did the leaked UI provide?
A: The leaked UI disclosed that the Cybertruck was at a 71% charge, with an estimated 55 minutes remaining until it reached full capacity. The charge limit was set at 100%. Trip information displayed usage of 16 miles, resulting in a 65% state of charge upon arrival. It also indicated the charging rate at 77 kW, with an additional 50 kW.

Q: How did this information help calculate the Cybertruck’s range?
A: By analyzing the leaked information, taking into account factors such as charging rate, battery capacity, and typical mileage achieved per kWh, an estimated range between 400 and 440 miles was derived.

Q: How did Tesla respond to the leak?
A: Tesla expressed displeasure with the leak and implemented measures to restrict individuals who shared the leaked information.

Q: Will further updates be provided?
A: Yes, as more information becomes available, updates regarding the Cybertruck’s range will be provided. Stay tuned for the latest developments.