Tesla Cybertruck Makes Surprise Visit at 50,000th Supercharger Stall

A Tesla Cybertruck release candidate (RC) unit made an unexpected appearance at the company’s 50,000th Supercharger stall in Roseville, California. Enthusiasts gathered at the location to catch a glimpse of the red stall and were treated to the sight of the Cybertruck parked nearby. Photos and videos of the event were shared on the Cybertruck Owners Club forum.

The Cybertruck RC featured the familiar “release candidate” stickers, indicating it was one of the more advanced prototypes. However, what set it apart from previous sightings was the Texas dealer license plate it bore. Previous prototypes had manufacturer plates instead.

The 50,000th Supercharger stall, unveiled by Tesla on its official X account, is located in Roseville, California. It is equipped with NACS technology, capable of delivering up to 250 kilowatts, like other Supercharger stalls in North America. It stands out with its unique red paint, offered as an option for the Model X and Model S, and a commemorative plaque stating “No. 50,000.”

Meanwhile, the popularity of the upcoming Cybertruck continues to soar. Unofficially, it has garnered over 2 million reservations, according to a crowdsourced tracker. The majority of potential customers are inclined towards the dual-motor and tri-motor variants. Though the Cybertruck has yet to be released for sale, it has captured attention worldwide due to its unconventional design and infamous reveal incident where its “Armor Glass” windows were shattered.

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Source: Cybertruck Owners Club Forum