Tesla Workers Express Frustration With Union Strikes in Sweden

In the midst of the ongoing strikes between Tesla Sweden and IF Metall, a group of individuals has largely remained unheard – Tesla’s own employees. Recent insights from a Tesla employee shed light on their frustration with the ongoing strikes and the lack of attention given to their concerns.

Contrary to the claims made by the union, IF Metall, Tesla argues that it already provides “equivalent or better agreements than those covered by collective bargaining.” This discrepancy in perspectives has fueled tensions between the two parties.

Nerikes Allehanda, a Swedish daily newspaper, published an opinion piece that presented the views of a Tesla employee. The author emphasizes that the employees’ fear does not stem from their employer, but rather from the union itself. There have been reports of threats and intimidation, making the atmosphere unsettling for the workers.

The employee’s statement highlighted their affinity for Tesla as an employer, citing it as the best they have ever had. They chose to work for Tesla due to their desire to contribute to a greener transition. However, the ongoing conflict with IF Metall has overshadowed their positive experiences.

The question raised by the Tesla employee is why their voices are not being heard. They express their opposition to a collective agreement and argue for a democratic vote among the 137 service technicians. Avoiding collective bargaining does not imply a lack of concern; rather, it aligns with their desires and aspirations for their workplace.

The battle between Tesla Sweden and IF Metall continues to escalate. IF Metall has taken actions to halt vehicle production at Giga Berlin, targeting a Swedish company involved in the manufacture of crucial components for the Model Y. These disruptions would hinder the production process and put pressure on Tesla to negotiate a collective agreement.

As the strikes persist, it is essential to acknowledge the perspectives of the Tesla employees who feel their voices have been ignored. The union’s efforts to secure a collective agreement may inadvertently overlook the desires and preferences of those working directly within the company.


1. What is the dispute between Tesla Sweden and IF Metall?

The dispute revolves around IF Metall’s push for a collective agreement with Tesla Sweden, while Tesla maintains that it already offers comparable or superior agreements to those within collective bargaining.

2. Why are Tesla employees frustrated with the union?

Some Tesla employees in Sweden express frustration with IF Metall, fearing the union’s actions and feeling unheard amidst the ongoing strikes. They believe that their voices and preferences are not being taken into account.

3. Why do Tesla employees oppose a collective agreement?

The Tesla employees who oppose a collective agreement argue for a democratic vote among the service technicians. They believe that non-collective bargaining aligns with their desires and aspirations for a positive work environment.

4. What actions has IF Metall taken to escalate the situation?

IF Metall has sought to disrupt vehicle production at Giga Berlin by targeting a Swedish company involved in manufacturing crucial components for the Model Y. These actions aim to exert pressure on Tesla to sign a collective agreement.