Tesla Expanding the Use of Gigacast Parts for Entire EV Skateboard

Tesla is known for its disruptive approach to building cars, and its latest idea is to expand the use of Gigacast parts beyond front and rear crash structures. Gigacast is Tesla’s method of using massive castings to create large sub-assemblies without the need for multiple parts. This approach is different from traditional automakers who use stamped sheets of metal bonded together. By casting the entire EV skateboard in one motion, Tesla aims to reduce production steps and costs.

The use of Gigacast comes with its challenges. Casting a part as large as an entire underbody requires careful consideration of the alloy used, the cooling method, and the design of the casting mold. Tesla has already faced issues with its Gigacast Model Y front ends, with some owners reporting cracks in the front of their cars. Unlike traditional stamped metal parts, which can be repaired using traditional methods, a large cast part is difficult to fix.

Despite the challenges, using Gigacast parts for the entire underbody of an electric vehicle has garnered interest from other automakers. The reduced cost, lighter weight, and simplified production process make it an attractive option. For example, Porsche already uses smaller cast structural parts in their 718 and 911 models.

However, Tesla’s track record with quality and production issues raises concerns. The automaker has faced difficulties with simpler tasks, which may lead to further challenges when implementing a complex casting process. Nevertheless, Tesla remains determined to give it a try and hopes for the best.


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