Tesla’s New Updates: Enhanced Camera Functionality and Financing Strategy
September 18, 2023
By Kevin Armstrong
Tesla continues to surprise its customers with updates and improvements, both documented and undocumented. In the latest update, version 2023.32, Tesla has made changes to the rear camera view. The video feed has been cropped to remove the trunk and most of the bumper, resulting in a more focused and centralized perspective of the environment behind the vehicle. This adjustment improves safety and precision during reversing maneuvers.
In addition to the improvements in the rear camera view, Tesla has also enhanced the camera clarity by improving white and color balance in the video post-processing. This leads to a more natural-looking video display during live view and when using features like Sentry Mode or the Dashcam.
Notably, the preview of each camera feed under Controls > Service still shows the unaltered camera feeds, including the recently cropped side-mirrors in the blind spot camera feature. Tesla’s attention to detail and continuous updates demonstrate their commitment to making their vehicles even better.

Tesla’s $1.8 Billion Lease Securitization Project

September 16, 2023
By Kevin Armstrong
Tesla is embarking on its largest lease securitization project to date. They are bundling together $1.8 billion worth of electric vehicle leases and selling them as bonds to investors. This securitization strategy allows Tesla to access a large sum of money upfront instead of waiting for lease payments to come in gradually. The funds generated from this project will be used to offer more leasing opportunities to potential Tesla drivers and expand their business.
By turning leases into bonds, Tesla leverages its existing assets to gain immediate liquidity. The value derived from Tesla’s leases is used to create structured debt investments that are marketed to investors, offering different levels of risk and returns. The proceeds from this project can fuel Tesla’s expansion plans and provide an alternative source of funds apart from the conventional corporate bond market.
Tesla’s innovative financing strategy comes at a time when interest rates are rising. The company aims to attract a wide range of investors by creating different groups or “classes” of bonds, allowing for safer investments and higher potential returns. The success of the project indicates that investors have confidence in Tesla’s plans for growth, and there is continued interest in leasing Tesla cars despite the rise in interest rates.

Tesla’s Groundbreaking Manufacturing Evolution

September 15, 2023
By Kevin Armstrong
Tesla is on the verge of a groundbreaking manufacturing evolution that could revolutionize the production of its next vehicle and set a new standard for the industry. Insider sources have revealed Tesla’s gigacasting process, which aims to drastically reduce production costs and accelerate the manufacturing process. A decision on this significant shift is expected soon.
The gigacasting process, if implemented, will redefine the manufacturing landscape for Tesla. It involves using large casting machines to produce entire sections of a vehicle’s structure, eliminating the need for multiple small parts and manual assembly. This innovative approach has the potential to significantly reduce production costs and increase efficiency.
Elon Musk’s goal of halving production costs is within reach with the gigacasting process. By simplifying the manufacturing process and leveraging automation, Tesla can streamline operations and improve profitability. This manufacturing evolution could be a pivotal moment for Tesla and the automotive industry as a whole.

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