Tesla Stock Falls 2.02% Amidst Poor Trading Session

Tesla Inc. (TSLA) experienced a 2.02% drop in its stock price on Tuesday, closing at $246.53. This decline occurred during a generally unfavorable trading session for the stock market, as the NASDAQ Composite Index (COMP) fell 1.87% to 13,059.47 and the Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA) dropped 1.29% to 33,002.38. Tesla’s decrease in stock price marked the end of a three-day winning streak.

The company’s stock closed $52.76 below its 52-week high of $299.29, which was achieved on July 19th. Furthermore, the trading volume for Tesla reached 101.5 million shares, which was 12.8 million shares lower than its 50-day average volume of 114.3 million.

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  • Tesla Inc. (TSLA): A renowned electric vehicle company founded by Elon Musk in 2003. Tesla is known for its innovative electric cars and renewable energy solutions.
  • NASDAQ Composite Index (COMP): A stock market index that includes all common stocks and similar securities listed on the NASDAQ Stock Market.
  • Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA): A stock market index that represents the performance of 30 large, publicly-owned companies in the United States.


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