Tesla Hits Two Milestones: 5 Million Cars and 50,000 Superchargers

Tesla, the electric vehicle (EV) pioneer, has achieved two significant milestones in its journey towards a greener and brighter future. The company recently unveiled its five millionth vehicle, a pearl white Model 3 produced at the Shanghai Gigafactory. This milestone represents Tesla’s exponential growth and gratitude towards its global community of owners and supporters.

Alongside the production milestone, Tesla celebrated the installation of its 50,000th Supercharger. The Supercharger network plays a crucial role in Tesla’s strategy to foster EV adoption by providing convenient and rapid charging solutions worldwide. The 50,000th installation, showcased in a video shared by the Tesla Owners of Silicon Valley, highlights the company’s commitment to creating a global ethos where EVs can thrive.

In addition to these milestones, Tesla is opening its factories in California and Texas for tram tours as part of its referral program. These exclusive tours offer enthusiasts a behind-the-scenes look at the production sanctuaries that have revolutionized the automotive industry. Tesla aims to strengthen engagement with its customer base and encourage more referrals through this initiative.

Looking ahead, Tesla’s production pace suggests the potential creation of six million vehicles by early 2024. The company’s much-anticipated Cybertruck launch has already garnered over 2 million unofficial pre-orders, further fueling excitement for the future.

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Tesla Updates: Improved Rear Camera View and Camera Clarity

Tesla continues to surprise its customers with undocumented updates that enhance the driving experience. With update 2023.32, Tesla has improved the rear camera view by cropping the video feed, providing a clearer and more centralized perspective of the environment behind the vehicle. This adjustment minimizes distractions and enhances safety and precision during reversing.

Furthermore, the video post-processing has been enhanced to improve white and color balance in the vehicle’s camera feeds. This improvement results in a more natural-looking video display during live view and when utilizing features like Sentry Mode or the Dashcam.

Interestingly, while these updates apply to most Tesla vehicles, the reverse camera cropping feature is currently only available on hardware 4 vehicles with higher resolution cameras. It remains unclear whether Tesla will apply the cropping to hardware 3 vehicles as well.

Tesla’s commitment to continuous improvement and attention to detail further solidify its position as a leader in the EV market. The company’s focus on making small tweaks to enhance its vehicles demonstrates its dedication to providing the best driving experience for its customers.

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Tesla Initiates $1.8 Billion Lease Securitization Project

While the Big 3 automakers struggled during a recent strike, Tesla embarked on its largest lease securitization project to date. The company is securitizing $1.8 billion worth of electric vehicle leases, redefining its financing strategy and potentially fueling its future growth.

Securitization involves bundling together multiple car leases and selling them as bonds to investors. In Tesla’s case, this allows the company to receive a large sum of money upfront instead of waiting for lease payments to come in gradually. This financial instrument provides Tesla with immediate liquidity and flexibility for its operations.

This significant cash grab aligns with rumors of new production advancements, suggesting that Tesla is preparing for further expansion. As the company continues to dominate the EV market and innovate in the automotive industry, securing financing through securitization sets the stage for its future endeavors.

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