Tesla Launches Mobile App Integration for Wall Connectors, Expanding Charging Infrastructure to Non-Tesla EVs

Tesla has recently introduced a new feature called “Tesla App for Wall Connector,” allowing owners of Tesla’s Wall Connectors to control, schedule, and obtain data on their chargers using the Tesla mobile app. This development is significant as Tesla now opens up its charging infrastructure to non-Tesla electric vehicles.

Previously, Tesla’s home charging stations were equipped with Wi-Fi capabilities, but these features were primarily beneficial for owners of Destination Charging locations. However, for home charging, the Wi-Fi-enabled features were redundant since Tesla vehicles already provided connectivity through their own Wi-Fi capabilities. With the expansion of Tesla’s charging infrastructure to accommodate non-Tesla EVs, access to the connectivity of the charging stations became necessary.

To register a Tesla Wall Connector on the Tesla app, users need to follow a simple process. After opening the profile menu in the app, users can tap on “Add Product” and then select “Wall Connector.” Following the in-app instructions, users can scan the QR code on the Quickstart Guide for the Wall Connector. Connecting the Wall Connector to the home Wi-Fi network and completing the registration process allows users to access real-time charging status and receive software updates.

This new functionality coincides with the recent release of Tesla’s Universal Wall Connector, a home charging solution that is gaining popularity among non-Tesla EV owners in North America. As the transition to non-proprietary charging standards (NACS) continues, Tesla’s efforts to open up its infrastructure will make charging more convenient and accessible for all electric vehicle owners.

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