A New Tesla Model 3 Variant Spotted in China

A new variant of the Tesla Model 3, known as the Model 3+, has been spotted on the streets of Shanghai, China. The Model 3+ features a unique badge located on the rear left side of the car, under the Chinese name for “Model 3.” This additional badge suggests that Tesla China has named this variant the Model 3+.

The sighting of the Model 3+ has sparked speculation about the differences between this variant and the standard Model 3. However, the addition of the “+” sign to the badge has not been officially confirmed by Tesla.

Interestingly, the Model 3+ in China comes with the Solid Black color as a standard option, while the European version comes with Pearl White Multi-Coat. This change may be due to the popularity of black cars in China.

The new Model 3+ also features integrated turn signals across the entire taillights, giving them a more diffused and unified look compared to the previous model.

This is the first footage of the Model 3+ navigating on public roads in China. It is believed that this car belongs to Tesla itself and is being used for test drives or heading to a delivery center.

The Model 3 Highland was officially revealed by Tesla on September 1st, and it appears that the company has already started shipping a large batch of these cars to Europe. This indicates that Tesla has received significant orders for the Model 3 Highland.

A drone footage captured a shipment of Model 3 Highlands being loaded onto a vessel at the Shanghai Port, likely bound for Europe. The shipment is expected to arrive in October and will be delivered to customers in Europe.

Overall, the Model 3+ offers new features and design elements compared to the standard Model 3, making it an exciting addition to Tesla’s lineup.

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