Tesla Model X Delivery Dates Pushed Back After Price Cuts

The recent price cuts implemented by Tesla for the Model S and Model X seem to be yielding positive results, particularly for the flagship electric SUV, the Tesla Model X.

Tesla reduced the prices of the Model S sedan and Model X SUV in late August. Prior to the price cuts, the vehicles started at $88,490 and $98,490, respectively. Under the new pricing scheme, the Model S started at $74,990, and the Model X started at $79,990.

According to observations from Tesla enthusiasts on social media, the price cuts have led to a surge in orders for the Model X. This can be seen in the estimated delivery dates of the vehicle. Initially, the Model X had an estimated delivery date of September to October 2023, but it was later changed to October to November 2023.

Currently, the Tesla Model X online configurator in the United States shows an estimated delivery date of November to December 2023 for both the Model X Dual Motor All Wheel Drive and the Tesla Model X Plaid.

The Model S sedan also appears to be experiencing an increase in orders. Like the Model X, the estimated delivery date for the Model S was pushed back to October to November 2023 following the price cuts.

The current prices of the Model S and Model X make them highly competitive in their respective segments. Few vehicles, electric or otherwise, can match the technology, performance, and safety features offered by the Model S and Model X at their current price range.

It’s clear that the price cuts have attracted more customers to Tesla’s flagship electric vehicles, and the delayed delivery dates reflect the increased demand.

– Tesla Model X US estimated delivery dates pushed back after price cuts.