Tesla Owner Rescued by Floating Sauna After Car Plunges Into Fjord

In a bizarre turn of events, a Tesla owner in Oslo, Norway, experienced quite the plunge when his car suddenly accelerated and careened into an icy fjord. However, the story takes an unexpected twist as a nearby floating sauna came to their rescue.

Eyewitnesses reported that the Tesla was cruising near Oslo’s medieval fortress when the driver mistakenly hit the gas pedal, propelling the vehicle into the frigid waters below. The two occupants somehow managed to climb onto the car’s roof to await help.

Fortunately, a wooden sauna happened to be floating nearby, providing an unexpected saving grace. Its skipper, Nicholay Nordahl, immediately steered towards the distressed occupants, accelerating at full speed to reach them in time.

Sauna-goers, some clad in nothing but towels, quickly sprung into action, helping pull the stranded Tesla passengers onto the safety of the sauna. The warmth of the sauna provided respite from the bitter cold these individuals had just endured.

Reflecting on the incident, the grateful Tesla owner confessed that he had mistakenly believed the car was in park mode when he pressed the accelerator. He expressed his deep gratitude to the sauna-goers, acknowledging that their quick actions ultimately saved their lives.

A tow truck was later called to retrieve the submerged Tesla from its watery predicament, preventing what could have been a complete loss.

While Tesla may be facing a recall in the United States, this extraordinary incident in Norway highlights the power of unexpected heroics and the resilience of those who come to the aid of others in their time of need.

FAQ Section:

Q: What happened to a Tesla owner in Oslo, Norway?
A: The Tesla owner accidentally accelerated his car and it plunged into an icy fjord near Oslo’s medieval fortress.

Q: How did the occupants of the Tesla survive?
A: They managed to climb onto the car’s roof and awaited help.

Q: How did a sauna come to their rescue?
A: A floating sauna nearby, with its skipper Nicholay Nordahl, steered towards them and helped them onto the sauna.

Q: Who helped pull the Tesla passengers onto the sauna?
A: Sauna-goers, some wearing only towels, quickly sprung into action to assist.

Q: What did the sauna provide for the stranded passengers?
A: The warmth of the sauna offered relief from the cold they had just endured in the water.

Q: Why did the Tesla owner end up in the water?
A: The Tesla owner mistakenly believed the car was in park mode when they pressed the accelerator.

Q: What happened to the submerged Tesla?
A: A tow truck was called to retrieve the submerged Tesla.


– Tesla: A company known for manufacturing electric vehicles and renewable energy products.
– Fjord: A narrow, deep inlet of the sea between high cliffs, typically formed by glacial action.

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